Lessons from Mumbai ?

This is vintage terror, classic asymetric warfare, and certainly nothing new under the Indian sun. Maybe more mediatic exposure because big networks don't have much fish to fry in this lame duck season - nobody cares for Congo and the audience is fed up with financial news.

There is no way to prevent 100% of such attacks from happening, but there is a way to make them look irrelevant, to undermine the undermining effect of terror.

The message from the Mumbai terrorists is : we want people to hate each other because we fundamentalists need war and hatred to survive, we want Hindis to go at Muslims, we want Jews to go at Muslims, and most of all we want moderate Muslims to be silenced and overwhelmed by fundamentalists. The masses will follow us because we will accurately claim that Muslims are once again the actual victims of the attacks.

The main target in the Mumbai attacks was Pakistan, the weaker link, and the democracy the most likely to fall for fundamentalism if the international community fails to help it help itself. Manmohan Singh must not finish the mission of the terrorists and blame Pakistan, but help fellow victim Asif Ali Zardari win over enemies from within, and together they must expose the fundamentalists' agenda which as always is only about politics, not religion.

The best way and the only way to tackle terror is to go at its roots : to recognize the existence of unfairness and to start doing something about poverty, to denounce fundamentalism as foul politics masquerading as religion, and to let the moderates speak.

The opinion should be prepared for that, and the community bracing itself through positive and sound values, and neither through fear, nor nationalism. Let's not make the same mistakes as after 9/11, please.

The terrorist attack on Mumbai clearly echoes Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" because both are proposing the same imposture : this clash of civilizations, these religious wars are artificial, man-made, and deliberately fueled by people who want them to happen. No wonder Huntington's book is a bible for the neocons and theocons who sold the invasion of Iraq and dream of provoking a war between Israel and Iran. Fundamentalist in Chief George W. Bush offered the worst answer to the 9/11 attacks, but the best ones from the terrorists' point of view.

The worst answer to the Mumbai would be for India to retaliate against Pakistan.

Afghanistan was not guilty for 9/11 : the World let it fall into the wrong hands. Pakistan is not guilty for the Mumbai attacks : the World must prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The World, united, must declare its independence from fundamentalism.


AIPAC Hillary v. J Street Barack

My first reaction when I heard about the Clintons being vetted for Secretary of State and Chief Bubbassador was disappointment : I get the "good-cop - bad-cop" concept but to me, this looks like XXth century politics and XIXth century diplomacy.

My second reaction was : that's a darn good way of getting rid of the Clintons. Billy Boy will never accept to open his books (Prez library and beyond), and once again, turn into a liaBillity for the person who made a President Of The United States out of a cool dude from Hope, AR.

I guess we'll have to watch the usual good cop bad cop flick after all. The NYPD veteran swallowing her pride after the rookie took the medal she'd been coveting for decades, and now ready to catch a bullet for a not so cool dude from Hope, HI she wished (in her wildest dreams*) would catch one first.

Scenarists pushed the cliché all the way to the young tall Afro-American / old short blond Caucasian stereotypes. Their car is an old Detroit survivor with dented bumpers and a battered exhaust pipe spitting more tar than a chain smoker on his deathbed. The tough veteran can read NYC's mid forties streets like the palm of her own hand and would never miss an AIPAC meeting. The soft speaking toddler in an Hawai'ian shirt is more the J Street** kind of guy, but not the kind of person to sport bumper stickers for this kind of causes either.

Both have the full support of Police chief Biden a.k.a. Frank Drebin, their white haired, gaffe prone boss who knows the city best and can use a gun when needed.

This squad may not catch the most wanted terrorist but together, they can do a lot of damage to his network. Not to mention a lot of good things if scenarists truly really want the new series to become a hit.

Season I premieres Jan. 20.

* remember that old black & white movie, "
Dial Hillary for murder" ? Feels like it was released eons ago.
** see "
J Street - at last"


Everybody loves Raymondville, TX

America just redeemed itself*, and Texas seems to follow suit.

I mean literally : a local Grand Jury has indicted, along with Senator Eddie Lucio Jr**, the two symbols of George W. Bush's sick idea of justice.

Cheney and Gonzales Indicted At Last !

This suit has something to do with abuses of prisoners, but neither in Gitmo nor in Abu Ghraib : the crimes were perpetrated in US prisons just a few miles away from the Mexican border, in Willacy County, TX. Today, everybody loves Raymondville.

W.'s Chief Torture Officer is charged for lobbying against investigations into those abuses, and "Lobby Dick" for - what else - conflict of interest : Darth Vader owned shares in the Vanguard Group which itself had something to do with those dark Texas detention centers.

Interesting day for Alberto Gonzales : the Justice Department announced that his lawyer fees would be paid for (up to 24 Grants a month) by taxpayers' money. You know ? Gonzie happens to be sued for imposing political biases in hirings and firings within that very Justice Department... I doubt this exceptional favor was awarded by a "liberal leaning" appointee.

* see "
America is a great country"
** KRGV-TV, today's Huff Post "
Cheney, Gonzales Indicted By South Texas Grand Jury".


Stewart - O'Reilly - The Best Presidential Debate

You know something has changed when you see Bill O'Reilly chat with Jon Stewart.

His interview of Stephen Colbert a few weeks ago was about personal character but here, we've just witnessed the best debate of this election year.

You had all the ingredients for a good comedy : two talkative New-Yorkers, a short Jew and a tall, massive Irish guy, live on Comedy Central for The Daily Show. Jon even offered a Mr Snuggles anger management teddy bear to tame his guest, along with a large cup of warm chocolate sweetened with a handful of sugar cubes.

But here were also two smart and sharp people having a good and lively conversation, sailing well beyond the usual PC pond... and enjoying it. Of course, Bill O'Reilly's idea of "center right" America is not that Alabama where people routinely shoot Jonathan Stuart Leibowitzes on sight while enjoying weird "BBQ parties" (you wouldn't want to visit his "real" Amerika). And of course, Jon Stewart's definition of the American tradition goes beyond gay marriage.

This was a good debate. Exposing acute differences, but putting all fear aside and embracing mutual respect. Change has come to America, and it looks like peace.

The first post-Bush / Cheney era debate.

Part I (5.31 mn) - meet Mr Snuggles.

Part II (6.23 mn) - center, right, tradition.


GOP Primaries 2012 Kick-off - Charlie Crist's Second Coming

Iowa, get ready: the GOP pack is bracing itself for the 2012 Primaries.

John McCain ? declined. Sarah Palin ?
you betcha*. Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee ? still there. Rudi Giuliani ? already dead.

Not yet ? Whatever. He won't run in 2012. Neither the NY Marathon, nor the Big Race. Maybe a fever, after his yearly flu shot.

One week after Obama's victory, 3 players are exuding Prez ambitions from every pore (4 if you include Condi Rice, but that goes without saying) : Bobby Jindal, Charlie Crist, and Tim Pawlenty are already campaigning.

Crist did his best to save appearances in front of cameras during John McCain's doomed campaign. A second coming of Crist in 2010 would put Florida back on the GOP map ("wasn't me"), a failure would probably condemn him to retirement in Maine (I suggest home sharing with Stephen King : Charlie keeps his sun tan alive during the summer, Steve prevents his own old bag of bones from screaming durin' 'em long yankee winters, ayuh).

Tim Pawlenty could be the reformer this party needs, but does he have the strength to run the ultimate campaign ? Can he lead and set people in motion the way Obama did ? That remains to be seen.

Bobby Jindal remains the favorite for 2012 or 2016. Besides, Obama helped his cause by breaking the biggest glass ceilings : Jindal's first name is Hindi (Piyush), and his ears are ridiculously stuck to his skull.

Let's see how those 3 not-yet-candidates perform on the web :

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Associates, Inc. from Tallahassee, FL
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01-Jan-10 -Last Updated on: 26-Sep-08
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Anyway, 12 or 16 suck compared to 00, 04, or 08. So forget about those. And "Smith2012" sounds too much web 1.0, XXth century deja vu.

CristforAmerica.com and PawlentyforAmerica.com are somehow "deja vu" too, but still available. Up to now.

JindalforAmerica.com has been booked for the long run (2016, an interesting date).
Registrant : Domain Discreet from Funchal, Portugal
Created on: 22-Sep-08 - Expires on: 22-Sep-16 - Last Updated on: 24-Sep-08

But by then, a web 3.0 candidate is likely to have come out of the blue... or even out of the red.

blogules 2009

* see "
Sarah Palin and the Segolene Royal Syndrome - The GOP on the same path as the French Socialist Party"

ADDENDUM 20100211

This post recently received a visit from an interesting URL : vpn.giulianipartners.com ( Yup. That's from Rudy's headquarters in 5 Times Square New York, NY 10036-6527... Sorry lads if I gave you inaccurate news regarding your dear boss.

2009 blogules (H2)

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December 2009 (5)
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- "Happy New Year 2011" (20091222 - look back at what happened over 2010)
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- "As if" (20091015 - this is not a recovery : this is denial, phase II)
- "Change has come to Japan." (20091009 - praise Hatoyama for his honesty and courage, praise Japan for its grandeur - provided the country follows its new leader - NB - Published in JoongAng Ilbo)
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July 2009 (8)
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- "GOP - From Morale Building to Moral Damage Control Mode" (20090705 - meet the new boss same as the old Sarah)

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June 2009 (14)
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May 2009 (6)
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- "Roh Moo-hyun follows Pierre Beregovoy" (20090523 - will politics change in Korea now ?)
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- "India : no change means change" (20090518 - Indian elections : a silver lining ?)
- "Rove v. Pelosi v. Rove v. America" (20090515 - Turd Blossom points a finger at an accusing mirror)

April 2009 (6)
- "American Banks Post TARP, Stress, Disorder : I.O.U. Holdings" (20090430 - wonders never cease)
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March 2009 (9)
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- "J Street Releases New Poll of American Jewish Community" (20090324 - ... and neither the AIPAC nor Netanyahu are not going to like it)
- "Beyond the Iranian people, Obama is addressing Israel" (20090321 - Obama's Cable Nowruz Network)
- "Geithner Takes Bullet, Bullet Spares Buck Obama" (20090320 - that's what friends and secretaries are for)
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- "Watchmen and the nature of Alan Moore's power" (20090306 - forget the movie, read the book, and meet The Author)
- "Yoo Got Mail - The Prince's Diary" (20090304 - John Yoo is no Macchiavelli)
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February 2009 (5)
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- "Terminator 5 - Rise Of The Taxes" (20090521 - SoCal and SOS Calls)
- "Vice Senators, Vicious Governors, Virtuous Circles" (20090217 - time to hatchet the Burris ?)
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January 2009 (4)
- "True v. False vs Good v. Evil" (20090121 - the Bush-Cheney era is over, "We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals"... YYYESSSS !)
- "Bush's Farewell : Mission Accomplished... as Fundamentalist in Chief" (20090116 - Justice in America, No Democracy in Israel)
- "Come Feb. 10th, Will Israel Embrace History Or Vote Bush-Cheney 2004 ?" (20090108 - Israel, at a defining moment, takes the wrong path)
- "Happy new year 2010" (20090101 - sorry, but I want to forget 2009 - the worst of 2009 in 60 seconds)

2008 blogules (H2)

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December 2009 (10)
- "A Christmas Gift for Fundamentalists ?" (20081226 - Israeli hawks seizing a window of opportunity)
- "So help me Rick Warren" (20081222 - I have a dream of a Zapatero moment for Obama in 2012...)
- "Madoff with his head(ge funds)" (20081217 - state of denial)
- "Allahwood's Walk of Shame" (20081217 - the shoeshank redemption or the perfect end to a s(c)andalous ruler ?)
- "CREDO in unum jokum" (20081208 - America's most famous political weather vane Joe Lieberman in an ad for a M-VNO)
- "The Bush Legacy" (20081208 - revisionism institutionalized)
- "9/11 Truthers Knockin' At Your Door" (20081207 - worse than cultists)
- "Change - Mobilization Has Started" (20081205 - the Obamachine needs you)
- "Big 3's Slim Fast solution" (20081204 - US automotive industry is dead because, in spite of decades of decay, it decided to stick to "US automotive industry" instead of switching to "global mobility services")
- "MSNBC Replaces FOX News - Jon Stewart" (20081203 - but where are the gas masks ? Isn't Jon threatening to nuke them ?)

November 2009 (22)
- "Lessons from Mumbai ?" (20081129 - the actual target : Pakistan)
- "AIPAC Hillary v. J Street Barack" (20081124 - bad cop HRC @ State ?)
- "Everybody loves Raymondville, TX" (20081119 - fat chance of nailing Cheney and Gonzales, but nice try)
- "Stewart - O'Reilly - The Best Presidential Debate" (20081117 -The Daily Show videos : Jon Stewart and more than Bill can bear)
- "GOP Primaries 2012 Kick-off - Charlie Crist's Second Coming" (20081113 - against all (g)odds)
- lists of blogules (20081113 - just trying to clean my own mess 4 years after the last attempt) : 2003, 2004H1, 2004H2, 2005H1, 2005H2, 2006H1, 2006H2, 2007H1, 2007H2, 2008H1, 2008H2...
- "Fox News executes Sarah Palin" (20081107 - compromising videos for Sarah Palin... and Wolf Blitzer)
- "The Stolen Election" (20081106 - are we celebrating the most important victory there ? Obama is bigger than that)
- "The Maverick is free again" (20081105 - a victory speech for John McCain)
- "America is a great country" (20081105 - Thank you, America - Very very much - you can be proud)
- "McCain-Palin @ SNL (and QVC)" (20081102 - John McCain impersonating Bob Dole)
- "Sarah Palin and the Segolene Royal Syndrome - The GOP on the same path as the French Socialist Party" (20081101 - why Republicans must dump Caribou Barbie - bonus : the Palin prank video)

October 2009 (19)
- "Obama's 30 mn Prime time ad" (20081030 -
- "October Surprise : W. delivers FL to McCain" (20081027 - bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran or Syria ?)
- "McCain has been "tested" as a soldier, not as the decision maker" (20081025 - a good soldier probably, a poor decision maker most certainly)
- "Paulson, Sarkozy to Socialist Heaven : "show me the money !"" (20081024 - on the irony of knock' knock' knockin' on China's door)
- "October 29 Surprise ?" (20081022 - Diversion Day for D-Day ?)
- "Drop ACORN, pick-up YPM" (20081021 - McCain airballs fall short)
- "Sarah Palin @ SNL" (20081019 - of moose and men)
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- "SNL Prez debate #2 - Mac lost his bearings" (20081011 - Armisen - Hammond Live - VIDEO)
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- "The Election Protection Wiki" (20081009 - another excellent CMD initiative)
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- "Is Iceland really melting ?" (20081008 - the hunt for red october)
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- "Help me help you help me help us all" (20081004 - what's wrong with me is YOU)
- "McCain's Golden Jet Wings" (20081003 - McFusionman)
- "The New Energy Expert Doesn't Blink - She Winks" (20081003 - Biden v. Palin, including a scarily unhealthy merged portrait)

September 2009 (11)
- "Couric-Palin @ SNL" (20080929 - Couric-Palin a la Saturday Night Live)
- "A Maverick or a Gambler ?" (20080928 - do you really want a suicidal man to run the country ?)
- "Debate # 1 : McCain didn't lose, and President Obama spared him" (20080927 - Obama head and shoulders, but McCain not yet pulverized as dandruff - bonus : the SNL remake)
- "The Washington Dodgers" (20080925 - a cartoon for the 2008 black sox)
- "Taro Aso after Tzipi Livni and before... ?" (20080922 - last throes of indecency ?)
- "Do You Cash Straight Talk Express ?" (20080922 - nonsense politics)
- "I can't wait to have my staff get back to me and introduce me to economics" (20080920 - cartoon : the red can't see)
- "Collapses in Wall Street and Alaska" (20080918 - the Palin imposture - bonus : introducing Tina Fey as Sarah Palin)
- "Change for Bush ? Thanks, but no thanks, John McCain" (20080911 - I'm John McCain and I approved this mess up)
- "Obama answers 3 A.M. phony calls" (20080911 - vanity unfair)
- ""Change is coming" and Mac "will fight", but for whom and for what ?" (20080905 - the Bush accolade : John McCain pledged allegiance to the worst enemies of America)

August 2009 (8)
- "Prisoner Of Wasilla - A short sighted Maverick" (20080831 - John McCain picks Sarah Palin and chooses theocons over independents)
- ""I Get It"" (20080829 - U can't touch this : the next president is in the zone)
- "Play it again, Uncle Sam ?" (20080823 - Barack Obama is not John Kerry, and Steve Schmidt is not Karl Rove)
- "Obama's Veep - and the loser is..." (20080820 - ... weeping)
- "What Fareed Zakaria got wrong" (20080815 - I liked 2001 Zakaria, but this is the last straw from that impostor)
- "Driving Mister Crazy" (20080807 - Osama's chauffeur gets a sentence, the hit and run POTUS walks free)
- "Riding The Bullet" (20080807 - Steve Schmidt : the smell of fear... and of Turd Blossom)
- "Carbon wingprint" (20080805 - out of the (less and less) blue, a red blogule)

July 2009 (6)
- "France heart Obama" (20080726 - now France envies the US)
- "The McCainistan War" (20080718 - Mc loosing the most important battle ever)
- "The Talk of the Toon" (20080717 - a caricature from and of The New Yorker)
- "The Silence of the Lambs (War in Iraq and US networks)" (20080714 - silence : people are dying there)
- "This is not a financial crisis" (20080711 - beyond the ineluctable recession, the collapse of a system)
- "The Case Against Barack Obama ? More propaganda from mud loving PIGs" (20080703 - swift boat season)

2008 blogules (H1)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the first half of 2008.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

June 2008 (2)
- "5-4. Still standing" (20080613 - one heartbeat away from the end of democracy : more than ever, the main question is who will nominate the next Supreme Justice)
- "Back up" (20080608 - Hillary goes PUMA hunting - KA-BOOM)

May 2008 (4)
- "Dial Hillary for murder" (20080524 - crossing the yellow line)
- "Florida recount redux" (20080522 - sabotaging BHO 2008 with HRC 2012 in mind ?)
- "Values Question Marks" (20080512 - wrong angle to attack Barack, but relevant if you consider McCain or Clinton - BTW : great job by Amy Poehler !)
- "Obama-Pelosi vs Operation Chaos" (20080507 - Rush Limbaugh heart Clinton)

April 2008 (5)
- "J Street - at last" (20080428 - the end of the AIPAC monopoly)
- "Billarsea outroving Karl Rove : the "Bradley effect" story" (20080426 - Clintons destroying everything, starting from their own image)
- "Pope Music" (20080421 - Ben and W., birds of a feather)
- "McCain - Rice 2008" (20080408 - Condi's 2 handicaps : too much branded "bushite", not enough branded "theocon")
- "April Fools" (20080401 - the joke must stop)

March 2008 (2)
- "Iraq - 5 years of success for fundamentalists" (20080319 - change must come)
- "3:10 to Yuma... and New York" (20080301 - sorry Hillary, but you cannot position yourself against the Bush heritage if you use his nasty tactics)

February 2008 (2)
- "Never say Nader again" (20080225 - it's that time of the elections, you know, when Republicains push good old Ralphie)
- "I had a nightmare" (20080214 - protecting Obama's life is protecting America's future)

January 2008 (5)
- "Sign O' The New York Times" (20080125 - NYT votes McCain and Clinton)
- "Bloomberg : it's the economy, stupid !" (20080124 - this election will not be about security nor even religion)
- "Billaryious" (20080123 - America needs Obama)
- "GOP : Time to Split" (20080113 - reminder : Reps lost the 2008 by "winning" in 2004)
- "Jane Harman, save our soul" (20080104 - asking the relevant question)

2007 blogules (H2)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the second half of 2007.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

December 2007 (2)
- "Justice now" (20071219 - far worse than 10 watergates)
- "Faith, lies and videotapes" (20071207 - destroying evidence, obstructing justice... what more do you need ?)

November 2007 (4)
- "Merde in Taiwan" (20071127 - Nicolas Sarkozy sells France's soul along with a few exports to China)
- "Between reforms and indulgences - Blair and Sarkozy" (20071117 - masks off for promoters of Christian fundamentalism in the West)
- "Hillary vs anyone = Bloomberg 2008 ?" (20071113 - the only chance for NYC's mayor to run... and win)
- "From Sim City to Sin City" (20071109 - the limits of the Dubai mirage)

October 2007 (5)
- "Laura 44, Prescott 45, Propaganda 101" (20071029 - Is the "Desperate Housewife" that desperate ?)
- "WWIII : playtime" (20071018 - there's a better way of preventing World War III)
- "Archduke Vladimir Putin's assassination attempt" (20071015 - Vlad nails Dubya)
- "Benedict XVI's "coming out"" (20071007 - an authentic fundamentalist revealed)
- "David Attenborough attacked by Fundamentalist apes" (20071005 - fundamentalists censor a program in the Netherlands)

September 2007 (2)
- "Iran : who wants war and why" (20070925 - US citizens have the power to stop US theocons from going ahead, and the responsibility for doing it ASAP)
- "General Petraeus in "surge" of credibility" (20070911 - Bush should be the one accused of betrayal, not Petraeus)

August 2007 (4)
- "Forging another case for Iran" (20070830 - Ahmadinejad not the only agent provocateur)
- "Whale Hunt at the White House" (20070814 - when Karl Rove claims to be a Dick, Moby Dick)
- "Universal Declaration of Independence From Fundamentalism" (20070809 - What is fundamentalism ? Why did fundamentalisms gain momentum recently ? What can be done to undermine fundamentalism ?)
- "Chief Torture Officer" (20070807 - redemption starts here : put Gonzales in jail)

July 2007 (5)
- "Can't buy me love" (20070730 - spinning gifts)
- "Back to square one, back to Ground Zero"(20070718 - Osama in excelsis ego)
- "David Attenborough, one life on Earth" (20070716 - endangered, but not extinct yet - praise Sir David!)
- "Take me to the Moon, Daddy" (20070712 - Bush Sr visits his friend Reverend Moon)
- "Paris Hilton and the Scooter Libby Redemption" (20070707 - reason breaks)

2007 blogules (H1)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the first half of 2007.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

June 2007 (6)
- "Red blogule to Luc van den Brande" (20070627 - one of the worst enemies of European democracy, a troyan horse for fundamentalism)
- "Alice Walton - Everyday Low Art at High Price" (20070620 - masterpieces, according to some)
- "blogules transfusion center" (20070618 - again, vainly trying to set this house in order...)
- "Palestine : the Pakistan-Bangladesh scenario" (20070616 - I don't see how moderates can win, but that was the aim of the game)
- "Globalized globalization" (20070608 - red blogule : paradoxically, Bush's strategy reflects a denial of globalization = the refusal of a global approach of globalization)
- "The Vladubyan summit : who gives a Heiligendamm ?" (20070607 - benchmarking dictators)

May 2007 (4)
- "USA 2016" (20070518 - white blogule to the new 3 party system : POGO, R&D, and SUV)
- "Dismission Accomplished - The other peanut president" (20070515 - red blogule : ecce homo)
- "Sarko wins - reforms" (20070507 - France eventually votes YES to something)
- "Masks off - Segolene Royal's imposture" (20070504 - red blogule : Sarkozy v. Royal, two ways of coping with addiction)

April 2007 (6)
- "Kim Seung-youn - bar vs bar at a bar" (20070430 - red blogule : even in Korea, money can't buy you immunity)
- "The World in 2020" (20070426 - red, white and pink blogule : if nothing changes, change will come, for the worst)
- "Le vote futile - why French socialists shouldn't vote for Royal" (20070420 - French PS facing the same kind of implosion as US GOP)
- "April 28, 2007: Impeachment Day" (20070419 - wake up)
- "Wolfie's Personal World Bank" (20070415 - red blogule : immorality, disgrace... the tale of the first circle)
- "Just trying Frappr - want to join ?" (20070405 - locate yourself)

March 2007 (9)
- "Discussion - 3 challenges for Korea" 20070328 - including worst and best case scenario)
- "Monica Goodling's silence of the lambs - The State of Terror" (20070327 - red blogule : protecting felon Gonzales)
- ""Kurdistan, the other Iraq"... or "Kurdistan, the other other Vietnam" ?" (20070315 - If I were a US fundamentalist, I surely wouldn't want a democratic and peaceful Kurdistan to emerge in the dead middle of my playground)
- "George Pontius Pilate Bush lets Gonzales face justice - Our Dear Compassionate Leader" (20070315 - red blogule : after a few pawns, the king sacrifices a fool)
- "Halliburton and the 40 thieves (continued) - Dubai, we have a problem" (20070312 - follow the money)
- "Pervasive China's CIA (Central Investment Agency) - Go reds go" (20070210 - red blogule, but I told you so)
- "There is a cloud over the Vice President - Criminal liars" (20070207 - red blogule : death by 1,000 cuts for Cheney, no waterboard needed thank you)
- "The end of financial safe havens" (20070303 - red blogule to speculation : sorry Bernanke, I don't think we can avoid recession at this stage)
- "intel kept inside - Cheney caused 23 more deaths" (20070301 - as dangerous a coward as ever)

February 2007 (4)
- "Di's is cast - When Harry met sandy" (20070223 - as Harry plays the tough guy, the rest of the troops will play soft targets)
- "French oldcons, neocons and cons in general" (20070216 - red blogule : opportunities for Bayrou, Sarkozy's only real rival)
- "London calling... for trouble" (20070205 - Blair lied and still does)
- "Department Of Climate Defense - 2007, ground zero of environment - Red blogule to Philip Cooney - White blogule to the IPCC" (20070202 - exposing truth and its enemies)

January 2007 (6)
- "The State of the Union in Words" (20070124 - white blogule : an interesting semantic tool, courtesy the NYT)
- ""Jesus vs Mahdi" Prophecy - Bush-Cheney's war on Iran" (20070122 - red blogule : who wants war between Iran and Israel and why)
- "Barack Obama's run for Presidency" (20070117 - white blogule : better than Hillary)
- "Bush : Cultural Learnings of Iraq for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of America" (20070116 - Bush-Cheney's 2004 victory was an Historical blunder, not impeaching them would be criminal)
- "AdSense, no sensibility" (20070105 - red blogule : Google tools backfire)
- "OH Se-hoon - swift boats across the Hangang" (20070103 - white blogule : Korea's next president... after LEE Myung-bak)

2006 blogules (H2)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the second half of 2006.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

- "Smokescreened him out - Saddam 1-1 Slobodan - Red blogule to justice in 2006" (20061230 - no control, no halt, just escape)
- "Condi Rice - is war "worth the investment" ?" (20061223 - red blogule : Condi missed another "wonderful opportunity" to remain silent)
- "Rewriting history (reloaded) - IHT Letters To The Editor" (20061220 - textbook revisionism - PUBLISHED IN INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE 20061220)
- "Taco Bell Jingle Bell Shingles All The Way" (20061215 - red blogule, but hopefully NYC bans trans fat)
- "White blogule to Mary Cheney - Red blogule to Mary Cheney" (20061207 - I still prefer to see a happy lesbian couple raising one child rather than a Christian fundamentalist family raising an army of doomsday activists)
- "Hallyu Expo in Asia and Wacko Jacko Bae Yong-Joon" (20061202 - red blogule : a profitable exhibition certainly, but an anticultural event nonetheless)

- "EU's carbon cuts and the new ECSC" (20061130 - white blogule to baby steps)
- "Netrootizens - Impeach for Change" (20061121 - white blogule : cast your ballot)
- "(debate) First withdraw from... the Bush doctrine" (20061109 - no US withdrawal would be possible without a formal repudiation of Amerika)
- "VOTE FOR AMERICA - VOTE AGAINST BUSH IF YOU ARE A TRUE REPUBLICAN" (20061107 - mid-term elections, an opportunity for redemption)
- "Dick Cheney - Apneamerika" (20061102 - hold your breath, and welcome on waterboard)

- "The President who "saves American lives" (20061019 - red blogule : Bush signed the death certificate of Habeas Corpus over a "Protecting Amerika" billboard)
- "Roh Moo-hyun - protecting Korea from the US" (20061019 - white blogule : a swift and smart move ahead of Rice's visit)
- "White blogule to you - 100,000th visitor" (20061013 - thanks folks)
- "Kim Jong-il and the six party talks" (20061009 - red blogule : hypocrisy and hidden agendas)
- "45 mn of war-hole fame - hopping without hope" (20061006 - Condi strikes the pose)

- "Confusion creators - exposing propaganda" (20060927 - red blogule : would you please remind me who created "confusion in the minds of the American people" ?)
- "Shinzo Abe - another revisionist leader" (20060926 - red blogule : neo-fascists keeps shaping politics in Japan)
- "Benedict XVI - fundamentally wrong" (20060921 - red blogule : his Regensburg speech was indeed a most brilliant call to fellow fundamentalists)
- "The Best War Ever - Lies, damned lies, and the mess in Iraq" (20060915 - white blogule to John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton at their best)
- "Stephen Sackur - HARDtalk but softBRAIN" (20090612 - red blogule : lost opportunities)
- "Commander in Thief - The Architect is back" (20060909 - red blogule : flip-flop threat ahead)
- "The murder of George W Bush" (20060905 - red blogule : "Death Of A President" misses the point)

- "UNIFIL v 2.0 - Touche, Mr Bolton" (20060825 - white blogule : good news for Lebanon)
- "Amerika's "Freedom Agenda" (20060815 - red blogule : there will be a next time)
- "Dubya - "Islamo-fascists" don't enjoy a monopoly" (20060811 - red blogule : it takes a fascist to know one)
- "Fundamentalists - bases are loaded" (20060805 - heil to the thief)

- "Lebanon - please do survive" (20060718 - white blogule to an oasis of diversity threatened by fundamentalists from all 3 major religions)
- "World Cup Postpartum" (20060710 - short red blogule to four more years)
- "Operation Summer Rain - peace drowned in monsoon" (20060703 - Tel Aviv hawks deliberately feeding Hezbollah radicals)

2006 blogules (H1)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the first half of 2006.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

- "Dadullah's Warholian 15 minutes" (20060629 - red blogule to Amerika's Most Wanted)
- "The reconstruction of Afghanistan...'s talibans" (20060622 - red blogule : fasten your seat belts)
- "US CENTCOM - paint it black" (20060614 - red blogule : still killing under-7-year-old "Qaeda Leaders")
- "Justice as defined by The White House" (20060601 - red blogule : here, "Justice" is monitored by Alberto Gonzales, the man who made Abu Ghraib possible)

- "Kofi's last throes of morality" (20050519 - white blogule : yellow cards for Koizumi and GWB)
- "Korea's hubs - meanwhile, in China..." (20050517 - red blogule : nice plans, but China has a much scarier Northeast Project)
- "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Persian Letters to George W. Bush" (20050510 - pink blogule : when a fundamentalist exposes a fellow fundamentalist)
- "Japan's neofascists - forget Takeshima and Mandchukuo" (20050502 - red blogule : either Koizumi ends this sick fascist revival or he pleases the country's neo-imperialist lobbies and claims back the full Empire)

- "America Supports You" (20050419 - red blogule - tell you what Don : America doesn't support you)
- "Silvio Desperate Jail Life Berlusconi" (20060415 - red blogule : how strong is Italian democracy ?)

- "Bud Selig's National Pushtime" (20060331 - red blogule : MLB investigated by its own broadcaster ? Come on !)
- "David Gregory - Welcome to the House of Fun" (20060319 - white blogule : former Voice Of Amerika denounces propaganda)
- "Sen. Feingold - Saving private eye Bush" (20060316 - white blogule : gimme an I, gimme an M, and gimme a PEACH !)
- "Dr. Wafa Sultan - moderate Muslims, at last" (20060311 - white blogule : sweet music to our damaged ears)
- "Hollywood - followers at best" (20060306 - pink blogule : indeed, Tinseltown can reflect society, not lead it)
- "The imPOTUS - America vs Amerika class action lawsuit" (20060302 - red blogule : why not liberate America starting from Louisiana ?)

- "DP World - P&O deal's Architects and winners" (20060224 - red blogule : Something Is Apparently Rotten in the State of W.)
- "Wal-Mart's H. Lee Scott Jr. - "Can I hate you ?"" (20060217 - red blogule : every day low, period)
- "Dick Cheney - Shooting Star vs silver star" (20060214 - red blogule : you cannot help but respect Dick Cheney for his constistency in evildoing - latest exhibit ? shooting at a friend, Harry Whittington)
- "New New Orleans - the bleach blitz" (20060204 - red blogule to white supremacy)
- "Demokracy - Professor Bush's Vision" (20060201 - an inspiring State of The Union Speech... inspiring for fellow fundamentalists, of course)

- "State of the Union speech - complete and uncut edition" (20060126 - white blogule to the speech you'll never hear)
- "Ehud Olmert - the Bangladesh scenario" (20060125 - red blogule to a sick partition)
- "W's preemptive counterstrikes" (20060114 - red blogule : Dubya open to debate... provided there's no debate)
- "The Republican parting - Great National Divide" (20060106 - white blogule : as expected, the GOP is imploding)
- "The 2006 Cold War - Gazprom and Gazpogrom" (20060103 - red blogule : Back to Red Square One)

2005 blogules (H2)

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the second half of 2005.

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

- "Logan International Airport - Better late than sorry" (20051228 - red blogule : fasten your Bible belt)
- "Unconstitutional ID and illegal eavesdropping" (20051221 - red blogule : Bill Gates supports Intelligent Design)
- "Die hard habits - blood on your face, big disgrace" (20051213 - red blogule : Terminator kills for real)
- "CENTCOM pictures incorporated" (20051212 - red blogule : they dunnit first !)
- "Law Lords - find another al-Libi, Dubya" (20051208 - white blogule : UK slams Dubya's idea of Justice)
- "The Lincoln Group - painting Iraq green" (20051201 - red blogule : planting weird IEDs)

- "John Murtha - My kingdom for a horse" (20051122 - white blogule : quotes, misquotes, unquotes)
- "Bob Woodward - Blowing another fuse" (20051117 - white blogule : Scooter was not the main vehicle, look up the ladder)
- "France's wake up call" (20051111 - white blogule : the only positive output of this "annus horribilis" - no to Europe, no to Paris 2012, no to social exclusion... - is the existence of a genuine debate)
- "Junichiro Koizumi - Too right to be right" (20051102 - bright red blogule : nothing can save Japan because Japan doesn't want to be saved)

- "John McCain v. Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Amerika" (20051025 - white blogule to the Maverick : "This isn't about who they are. This is about who we are")
- "Department Of Justice - Denial Of Justice" (20051023 - red blogule : Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales decides not to investigate Senior Adviser Alberto R. Gonzales)
- "The White House's Upper Deck - Trading Card and dis-Carding scapegoats" (20051018 - red blogule : Andrew H. Card Jr between the rock and a hard place)
- "First Amendment : Land of Opportunity for Nazis, Land of Plenty for fascism" (20051016 - red blogule : a fascist demonstration in Toledo, OH)
- "Dubya's Believe It or Not! museum in Bakersfield, CA" (20051013 - red blogule : beating the Bushes)
- "The Gunshine State - shootfirstlaw.org Hammered down by the NRA" (20051011 - red blogule to Marion P. Hammer, white blogule to the Brady center.
- "Homeland Security's rainbow warriors" (20051008 - red blogule to fearmongers at their best)

- "The NBA Hall Of Shame - from indictment to impeachment" (20050929 - white blogule : more corruption, still no impeachment ?)
- "Walkers - oil for fool programs" (20050927 - red blogule : someone save America and Alaska, please)
- "New signs o' new times" (20050927 - white blogule t Sharon lost in transnation)
- "Stop-and-goes - the wisdom of crocodiles" (20050920 - when Dubya's slow brain becomes something other than a curse - red blogule)
- "White blogule to South Korea's diplomacy" (20050919 - to go forward, forget the Bush Doctrine)
- "Europe's Genetically Modified candidates" (20050916 - red blogule : Karl Rove helps Donald Tusk)
- "The UN Bomber - remember FDR words" (20050915 - red blogule to W., but Roosevelt nails him big time)
- "Halliburton and the 40 thieves" (20050911 - red blogule : another Gulf, another gift to KBR)
- "Pro-life / pro-death pro-teges" (20050907 - red blogule : when a fundamentalist picks Supreme Justices...)
- "Freedom Walk - the Grey Pride" (20050906 - red blogule to propaganda and shame)
- "Quagmires and bayous" (20050905 - red blogule : Star-Spangled Banner sounds almost scary in Bush's Amerika)
- ""This is America"" (20050904 - white blogule : remembering New Orleans)
- "Japan's 9/11" (20050902 - white blogule : does Koizumi really want to dump the old guard if he wins ?)
- "White blogule to Orhan Pamuk" (20050901 - writers can talk, even about the Armenian genocide in Turkey)

- "Katrina and Cindy" (20050831 - white blogule : Katrina succeeded where Cindy Sheehan failed)
- "Counterterrorism in Korea" (20050828 - red blogule : the regional hub no one feels like advertising)
- "Ayatollah Pat Robertson" (20080524 - red blogule : this ayatollah issued a fatwa on Chavez)
- ""Intelligent Design" : Fundamentals and fundamentalism - Creationism and cretinism" (20050822 - red blogule : W wants US kids to learn the negation of science and education)
- "Red blogule to Karen Hughes" (20050822 - the new face of Amerika)
- "US - Japan erasers" (20050816 - red blogule : remembering the tragedy of Hiroshima... but not the scandal that surrounded it)
- "The UN bomber" (20050805 - red blogule : John Bolton loves the UN the way W loves democracy)
- "Neolibs" (20050805 - red (!) blogule : left wing radicals get a boost from right wing radicals)
- "Hiroshima-Baghdad parallels" (20050801 - red blogule and amend to that)

- "Red blogule to semantic transfusions" (20050727 - exit "war on terror", enter "struggle against violent extremism" but beyond apparent changes in propaganda, innocents keep dying for the same imposture)
- "Red blogule to Lance Armstrong" (20050725 - a final Tour de Farce)
- "Hypocrisy - what Bush doctrine ?" (20050720 - red blogule : stubborn yet not that consistent)
- "Deniers" (20050719 - red blogule : shame on terrorists, but furthermore shame on those who were supposed to eradicate terror)
- "Yee-haoo! Mail" (20050714 - white blogule : Howard Dean nails Karl Rove with the help of George Bush)
- "Dognuments" (20050714 - red blogule : I hate Paris in the sliptime)
- "Bush's terrorist training camps" (20050707 - London bombings : how the so called war on terror actually boosted it - a bloddy red blogule)
- ""Paris 2020"" (20050706 - white blogule : an Olympic blow follows an European Waterloo)

2005 blogules (H1)

NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the blogules transfusion center - the 2003-2004 blogules are stored in a specific website, blogules archives, with links to this one.

- "
Red Blogule to JFK - Out of the blue(s) ?" (20050628 - a proof of life from Kerry and yes, Hillary and Barack are very much alive)
- "
Red blogule to President Cheney and his "unlawful combatants"" (20050614 - the most infamous Veep ever dares giving lessons on law and justice)
- "
White blogule to Park Chu-Young - take me to the ball, Park" (20050611 - fresh blood needed in Korea)
- "
White blogule to impeachment" (20050609 - revelations keep raining down and no one ever mentions impeachment)
- "
White blogule to deep throats" (20050601 - more than ever, US democracy needs whistleblowers)

- "
Red blogules to veto abuses" (20050531 - France says NO to Europe)
- "
Red blogule to the flushed Quran scandal" (20050519 - in Gitmo, it's the US Constitution Bush flushed down the toilet of History)
- "Red blogule to Junichiro Koizumi - Wake up Japan !" (20050517 - Koizumi does as neofascist please... when will moderates speak up ?)
- "
Red blogule to the "oil for fools" program" (20050501 - The State of The Union, and the actual axis of evil)

- "
Red blogule to Bae Yong June Airlines" (20050427 - Korea should leverage on its GENUINE cultural assets instead)
- "
Red blogule to the Red Army - I smell a Ratz" (20050420 - the Church picks a fundamentalist at the worst moment)
- "
White blogule to the Cardinal of Uqbar - Habemus Papam !" (20050413 -George Louis II is the man)
- "
Red blogule to Japan - No UN Council seat for an Unrepentant Nation" (20050410 - Japan must face its past before growing new ambitions)
- "
Red blogules to Empire Strokes (Back to Back)" (20050407 - Vatican and Monaco lose their leaders... W. and Vlad should be safe)
- "
Red blogule to New York University's Jacob Jacoby" (20050406 - promoting CIA, why not, but under this name...)
- "
Red blogule to the Dear Compassionate Leader" (20050404 - GWB claiming some of John Paul II's aura... pathetic)

- "
Red blogule to North Korea's hooligans" (20050331 - NK on the verge of collapsing ?)
- "
Red blogule to the "Bush doctrine"" (20050327 - Bush spreading democracy ?)
- "
White blogule to You" (20050327 - thank you dear visitor)
- "
Red blogule to the Department Of Justice - "Preserving life and liberty" or Propaganda 101" (20050323 - a textbook example of a dictatorship justifying itself)
- "
Red blogule to Paul Wolfowitz" (20050320 - World Bank goes to a neocon)
- "
Red blogule to the Contra-terrorism squad" (20050313 - can you fight evil with evil people ?)
- "
Red blogule to private accounts - SoCal Security" (20050305 - can Americans sound French when they talk about SS ?)

- "
Red blogule to the Red machine - The potential RNC tickets for 2008" (20050221 - unlikely dream teams)
- "
Red blogule to the Clintonian Republic - Spamilial planning" (20050212 - e-mails from Billary to counter Howard Dean)
- "
White blogule to good intentions - Mind the gap" (20050208 - Dubya intends to solve the Israel-Palestine crisis and to fix the deficit... no kiddin ?)

- "
White blogule to the "Stop Government Propaganda Act"" (20050129 - more than words ?)
- "
White blogule to the Straw man - pet stop boy" (20050125 - the last (of Jack) Straw)
- "
Discussion (following "the invasion of the buddy snatchers")" (20050123 - define: tyranny)
- "
Red blogule to the Rotten Globe Awards - Invasion of the buddy snatchers" (20050122 - the ignominees)
- "
Red blogule to 2008 - Losers Inc" (20050121 - Democrats lost even face)
- "
Red blogule to Prince Harry - When Harry met Nazis" (20050116 - about fascism and fashion)
- "
Red blogule to Uncle Sam's cabin - A day in the life of US led democracy in Iraq" (20050115 - go figure...)
- "
Red blogule to propaganda - How much for a journalist ?" (20050113 - fellow thugs Allawi and Bush pay journalists)
- "
Red blogule to Guggenheim - Ghost in a shell" (20050107 - a museum franchise or a low cost airline ?)
- "
Red Blogule to Jeb Bush - The Disaster Brothers" (20050105 - Jeb surfs on the Tsunami)
- "
Red blogule to France - Papy blues " (20050104 - Europe's Belle Province on the way down)
- "
White blogule to cultural diversity - China is already on top" (20050104 - back from Yunnan and a great country)

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