Six Pax Americana - Brewing the Gatesgate

President Barack Hussein Obama invited Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sergeant James Crowley for a Beer Summit at the White House, mobilising Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Junior in the process.

Pundits keep elaborating on the level of racism reached during the incident that triggered the summit : Sgt Crowley handcuffed Pr Gates in his home. Prof had to force his own door to enter. Neighbor called the police, suspecting a theft. Sarge declined to tell his own name. POTUS said "police acted stupidly". Media spun the whole thing into some kind of a Victorian remake of "Do The Right Thing".

You have to understand the media : they were used to crispier gates, with cells, torture, waterboarding, pretzels, screams... the whole shebang and now what ? Instead of another Bush, they get Anheuser Busch !

If it weren't for healthcare / health scares, Obama's first year would be boring : the only major scandals are the Puppygate, the
Flygate, and now the Gatesgate...

What next ? The Yawngate ?

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