Obama Season II

I hate to spoil the suspense, but here are the plots for key episodes of Barack Obama Season II :

- Prison Break : will Barack escape from Guantanamo ?
- Desperate Housewives : will Barack convince Israel to stop making a martyr of Palestine and a hero of Iran ?
- 24 Hours : will Barack arrive on time to prevent Jong-il from blowing up half Asia plus two thirds of Pearl Harbor ?
- Heroes : will Barack help Afghan women walk freely on the streets, without any mask nor costume, and without fearing attacks by fundamentalist supervilains ?
- Dexter : will Barack put in jail the serial killers guilty for the atrocities committed over the past few years (Gonzales, Cheney...) ?
- House : will Barack, in spit of his crippled bill, pass the health care reform and at which cost for midterm elections ?
- The Office : will Barack prevent W. from coming back (W as in W-shaped recession, not W as in Walker) ?
- ...

Season I set the bar at the highest levels, claiming two prestigious awards :
- Peace Nobel Prize for
rejecting George W. Bush as early as January 20th, 2009
- Physics Nobel Prize for making George W. Bush invisible as early as November 4th, 2008

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