Dial Hillary for murder

I confess : a few months ago, I mentioned the risk of an assassination of BHO as a sick tribute to RFK+MLK 1968 murders*.

But as a fearful supporter, not an overambitious competitor, almost wishing for this dreadful June Surprise.

All right. Obama is no more Mr Perfect than MLK, RFK, JFK or even Bill Clinton. The man can be tought and macho. But you don't kill people for that reason.

All right. HRC is not an evil person and doesn't wish the death of her competitor - but thinking about this kind of topics (let alone wording it) shows how desperate she is to win.

Plus the Kennedy family don't need to be remembered these days how brains used to be blown away in the family.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is definitely losing her bearings, and the DNC committee may take notice next week.

Do you really want this person one heartbeat away from the top job ?

* cf "

I had a nightmare" - 20080214

NB : this post was initially published in French today (see "Hillary en appelle au meurtre" on blogules VF)


addendum 20080524 :

OK - she said the same thing last March to Time Magazine, including the mention of Bill's June 1992 rally. But does it change anything to it ?

I think Clinton is her own worst ennemy. Instead of letting the Wright controversy sink Obama she decided to pick up McCain's idea of gas tax. Wrong pick. Likewise, she spoiled her own reforms during her husband's first term.

Clinton crossed the yellow line too many times and no one balanced her in her own team. Unlike Plouffe or Axelrod McAuliffe is a barker. Step by step, all the good people around her flew away.

To me it's a question of character and management : Obama sticked to his principles and kept his team focused on the campaign guidelines he set from the start. Good guys tend to follow him.

That's the difference between a pack leader and a great leader.

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