John Thune raises his profile and his guns

Senator John Thune's idea of raising his GOP profile is to raise his guns : the Republican Policy Committee Chairman from South Dakota wants to allow gun owners to carry concealed firearms into states with similar gun regulations.

In other words : Weapons of Mass Destruction will pass seamlessly between members of the Axis of Smith & Wesson.

This just follows a law allowing guns in National Parks (see "
Open Season for Yosemite Sam"). I mean come on : the only political platform these guys seem to consider is a shooting gallery ! Don't be evil, GOPgle !

I'm sure Rush & co are wetting their pants just thinking about promising solutions to unemployment and depression (feeling depressed ? press the trigger and put a hole in'em vagrants on the dole !)... but I keep wondering what kind of vision of politics and education people like Thune have in mind.

John Thune's vision of the future ? Don't look further than the sight at the end of his gun.

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