Imagine just for one second the reaction of GOP lawmakers if we replaced in the news Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, and Devin Nunes with Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Adam Schiff.

Everybody would chant 'lock'em up', and demand the immediate resignation / impeachment for agents of Putin and Russia who blatantly betray the nation. Instead, all Republicans but John McCain cower away, scared s..tless (beyond speechless) by The Bully In Chief, a Breitbart Attack, or the perspective of Alt-right Primaries.

Garry Kasparov nailed it best last week, mocking the way some fuel Trump's fake news on wiretapping instead of focusing on the outrageous case being investigated:

Garry Kasparov: 'The house is on fire, Trump is running around with a box of matches, and the GOP demands to know who called the fire department' (20170321)
With the help of Nunes, and the complicity of Paul Ryan and GOP representatives not ashamed one bit by their bruising Trumpcare fiasco, The Donald manages to survive yet another day.

Better: he keeps alienating moderates by pushing all the hardest buttons at the same time. What could you expect from a man who picked a racist for Justice (Jeff Sessions), a Russian agent for the NSA (Mike Flynn), or a climate change denier for the EPA (Scott Pruitt)?

Will the Senate intel committee fare any better? Richard Burr and Mark Warner seem a bit more serious about their investigation, and maybe GOP Senators want to send a message to their House friends: get your speech together if you want to make progress on any non hidden agenda.

In France, at least, things are getting a bit more transparent: on the nepotism side, Penelope Fillon has offically been charged, and on the mole side, Marine Le Pen has officially posed with Vladimir Putin himself.

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We Reject As False

Barack Obama's farewell speech echoed his inaugural address, and that powerful 'we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals'*. If 44 didn't always honor this beautiful principle (tough call in those cyberwar - drone times), it rightfully frames a presidency bordered by George W. Bush and Donald Trump, who deliberately put America's safety at risk to undermine its ideals and democracy.

Unlike W or Mike Pence, Trump doesn't seem to be a fundamentalist aiming for theocracy - but his vision also leads to the destruction of all balances of powers (executive, legislative, justice, media, citizen rights...), and all alarm buttons seem to confirm that he is working for Vladimir Putin.

Only Republicans have the power to safeguard democracy or at least transparency, yet their indecent silence during the pivotal transition bodes ill for the nation. And the few significant exceptions (e.g. John McCain, or less convincingly Marco Rubio) shall not suffice.

At least, the relationship between the Trump Campaign and Russia will be investigated by a bipartisan commission, and that's the best news so far. Particularly when you consider that Trump has already announced that, three months from now, a report debunking the intel unanimously pointing the fingers at his Kremlin pal will be completed by his team... most likely under the watch of Michael Flynn, the very agent Putin put in charge of overlooking the NSA and co...

If you feel like crying, please do. Let it go for awhile.

You're allowed to dream about the transition that should have happened. With Hillary Clinton, or if Beau had been around a bit longer, with Joe Biden, who would have taken Donald Trump not only behind the gym, but it the spotlights he so much craves for.

Obama: 'here's your medal, Joe'
Biden: 'thanks, but I didn't even run...'

But we can't afford to seek refuge in alternate history, and let the alt-right set the agenda.

"So let's be vigilant, but not afraid".

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* see "True v. False vs Good v. Evil" - speaking of echo, Chicago almost ruined this farewell address with a disastrous sound system.


Happy New Year 2018

It's that time of the year, and for the 18th time*, I have no choice but to wish you a happy next year, considering what's going to happen in 2017:

January 2017:

On the 20th, Vladimir Putin is sworn in as the 45th POTUS.
Donald Trump is swearing in the background.

February 2017:

In the final moments of Superbowl LI in Houston, the Moscow Hackers upset the New York Trumps as Barron Trump fumbles Mike Pence's Hail Mary pass.

March 2017:

Theresa May triggers Article 50, but Brexit backfires, and the UK lands into a limbo known as Breshold.

April 2017:

Galaxy S8 sells like hotcakes, and as hotcake warmers. Meanwhile, Apple celebrates its 100,000th iPhone 7 explosion without a recall, and Huawei posts record sales of its latest stylus, the Frying Pen.

May 2017:

In the French presidential elections, Putin friend Francois Fillon defeats Putin-friendly Marine Le Pen. After so many good news, Vladimir Putin dies of a heart attack.

June 2017:

The 46th President of the United States, Mike Pence, scares Ruth Bader Ginsburg to death before nominating a fundamentalist to replace her.

July 2017:

Vice-President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Dan Quayle form a rock band called 'The Unpresidented Potatoe'.

August 2017:

Usain Bolt is prevented from taking part to the Athletics World Championships in London, and a Luxembourgian wins the 100 meter dash following the publication of JamaicaLeaks, RussiaLeaks, AmericaLeaks, and Breleaks.

September 2017:

Following successful terror/ fake news campaigns fueled by ISIS, Dmitry Medvedev, and Breitbart Deutschland, Angela Merkel loses the German federal elections to Frauke Petry (AfD), who invites Donald Trump to her victory lap in Nuremberg.

October 2017:

At long last, JFK assassination records are disclosed. DJT says he'll release his tax returns in 2070.

November 2017:

A few months into power, the new South Korean president is impeached following the revelation that he was the only leader of a democracy not to be under the influence of Russia.

December 2017:

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Rodrigo Duterte. Russia denies any involvement in the hacking of the Nobel Committee.

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* see "Happy New Year 2010" (Jan 2009), "Happy New Year 2011" (Dec 2009), "Happy New Year 2012" (Dec 2010), "Happy New Year 2013" (Dec 2011), "Happy New Year 2014" (Dec 2012), "Happy New Year 2015" (Dec 2013), "Happy New Year 2016" (Dec 2014), "Happy New Year 2017" (Dec 2015), "Happy New Year 2018" (Dec 2016)... and in French: "Bonne Année 2009" (Jan 2008), "Bonne Année 2010" (Dec 2008), "Bonne Année 2011" (Dec 2009), "Bonne Année 2012" (Dec 2010), "Bonne Année 2013" (Dec 2011), "Bonne Année 2014" (Dec 2012), "Bonne Année 2015" (Dec 2013), "Bonne Année 2016" (Dec 2014), "Bonne année 2017" (Dec 2015), "Bonne année 2018" (Dec 2016).


Alt Right Or Alt Trump?

Election Night 2016 turned out to be a dud, suspense-wise. And a 8,978 gigaton nuclear bomb otherwise.

Donald J. Trump will nominate at least the next two (sorry Ruth) Supreme Court Justices. Unless 45 pulls out another rubber mask and returns as Don Pro-Choice T. (which neither Mike Pence nor the GOP-controlled Congress would let happen), the US are bound to return to the Middle-Age on key human rights*. And maybe embrace durably the ultraconservative line, the way Israel did after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin.

The only good news of today is the hope that, at long last, the Clinton Dynasty will stop ruling the Democratic Party. We saw how Joe Biden's familial tragedy combined with Elizabeth Warren's reluctance to run against Hillary allowed a new figure to ride the Need For Change + Anything But Hillary waves, and her weaknesses to sink deeper into everybody's minds acrosss the aisle. Had Bernie Sanders won the primaries, Michael Bloomberg would have probably decided to run, and won the elections. Maybe also made a decent POTUS.

Even with Sanders and Warren on board, even with the full support of Barack and Michelle Obama at the peak of their popularity and motivation, even with a superiority in the ground and online games, Clinton couldn't carry the positive side of the force. Abandoning the rustbeltiest parts of the Democratic firewall didn't help against The Donald's one-man-show.

Nationwide, state by state, county by county... the scale of Trump's victory is scary. Way scarier and deeper than W's 2004, which Obama managed to gracefully compensate.

If Trump delivered the acceptance speech he was expected to give, he remains a dangerous, loose canon surrounded by such bad hombres as Breitbart's Steve Bannon.

And we still don't know how far the interests of people like Vladimir Putin have been pushed at the core of the world's supposedly model democracy.

Now that the Alt Right and the KKK are celebrating a victory they claim as theirs, the future of America lies in moderate Republican lawmakers. And in a new and truly uniting figure to reach for them from the Democrats' ruins.

Trump claims electoral and popular vote, the House and Senate, the Supreme Court, and a seat for Putin's SOTU address (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796265430914473985)
BREAKING - Hillary Clinton just gave a concession call to Putin (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796257288197545985)

Will Obama hand the nuclear and @POTUS twitter codes to Trump? (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796255962143174656)

The new POTUS has big hands... and his name is Putin (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796242317216595968)

BREAKING: USA legalizes recreational votes - #RIPUSDemocracy (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796235476990496768)
The only good news today: DNC is freed from Clinton rule - Hopefully (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796235045161734144)
Duterte, Shinzo Abe, Donald Trump - When democracy votes against democracy (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796232108758863872)

Why did Hillary Clinton run in the first place? (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796194014072422400)
USA pulls a Brexit. Donald Trump will nominate at least the next 2 Supreme Court judges. Democracy loses - NB Jake Tapper concedes to Trump (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796193850842705921)
Key projection: CNN dream team to keep their lock on Election Night (Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, John King) (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/796157101730955266)

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* we have yet to grasp the full extent of the damage already done down the ballot (e.g. death penalty restored in NE)


Donald vs Trump

One of the things the Donald Trump campaign has in common with George W. Bush's is the way their propaganda systematically inverts accusations.

- Hillary Clinton is a crook: Trump University, anyone?
- she illegally deleted emails: you've been doing worse for decades, Don*. And how about that secret server communicating with Russia?**
- she's hiding things: show us your tax returns, Donald - no other candidate has dodged this fundamental duty
- she's working for special interests against small people: story of your life, Don. Well documented, and complaints keep pouring in.
- she betrayed the African American community: you've been charged with racial discrimination, and keep fueling racial hatred across the country
- she'll ship jobs to China: how many Trump branded accessories are made in China, by the way?
- she'll ruin the economy: remind us how many bankruptcies you achieved, Donald
- she's rigging the elections: your Trump campaign has already been charged with voter suppression in Ohio, and your KKK friends have said they will do their best to deter colored people from voting
- she's getting pay for play: you paid to play, Don. And tell us more about your ties with Russia - maybe these tax returns, deleted emails, and secret servers could help us measure your dependence on Vladimir Putin (judging by how you changed the GOP policies towards Russia and Ukraine, no wonder Vlad is rooting for you and doing his best to undermine Hillary's campaign).
- she's facing prosecutions for the years to come: your next trial will be by the end of this year, Don
- Bill is a sexual predator: at least he never bragged about it the way you did - maybe because he seems more confident in his own virility

YUGE: Donald Trump spared new sex scandal by his friend called Pecker at National Enquirer - politico.com/media/story/2016/11/report-national-enquirer-bought-rights-to-trump-affair-story-but-never-published-004848 (20161106 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/795096590520225792)

Just one last one: she's not qualified to be president. Coming from you, Donald J. Trump, Hillary R. Clinton should take it as a compliment.

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Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
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* see "Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders" (The Independent - 20161105)
** see "Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?" (Politico - 20161031)


EXCLUSIVE: Donald's live tweets during the first debate

ICYMI, Donald Trump's Twitter timeline during his first 'Presidential' Debate with Hillary Clinton:
  • I'm GOOD. This audience is AWESOME, Lester Holt is a peach - love this mike.
  • Look at Crooked Hillary - dressed in red to court GOP voters... NOT NICE, MISS PIGGY
  • Memo to myself: gotta remember that Crooked is not her first name.  
  • Damnit. Hillary's handshake is tough. And her hands are BIGGER than mine. YUGE!!!
  • I don't care. I'm the Babe Ruth of debaters. 16 strike outs in a row, remember?
  • Boy. She's got a fastball. And knuckleballs too. 
  • Correct that: she's got balls, period. 
  • Scratch that: she's got her period, period. She's got blood coming out of her whatever.
  • Please Vlad, can you hack into Hillary's brain? Put another virus there?
  • BTW, while you're at it, gimme a Kleenex, my nose's running like my ex wives.
  • I want to talk about Bill SO BAD. Believe me, right now I'm controlling myself.
  • They switched the mikes. This one has PNEUMONIA, I can sniff it!
  • Call my gastroenterologist, my nose is infected!!!
  • THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! Why did you have to mention my dad's 14 million kickstart?
  • THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! How come your dad was a true entrepreneur and a good boss, unlike me?
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • YES, THAT'S TRUE AND THAT MAKES ME SMART, HA!!! And all of you suckers!!!
  • This debate is RIGGED. Who agreed on 90 minutes? Where's the prompter?
  • I NEED A KLEENEX. Or another line of coke. 
  • I want to say something NASTY, but that wouldn't be PRESIDENTIAL. 
  • This debate is RIGGED. I should be THE ONLY ONE on stage.
  • Hillary is NOT QUALIFIED. Lester is NOT QUALIFIED. This mike is NOT QUALIFIED
  • I need to punch someone. Where is Rand Paul when you need him?
  • I need to punch something. Where's that red button when you need it?
  • I've got the most WINNING TEMPERAMENT! It wins each time I try to tame it!

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It's all about character

If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are equally disliked for their characters, it seems that more and more Americans are starting to feel less and less comfortable with the latter blend.

And right now, if America were to chose an untruthworthy, badass POTUS, she would prefer a devil she knows. Many paleocons prefer someone on the hawkish, SIG-friendly side of the Democrats to a suicidal, narcissist Nero burning bridges for breakfast.

When he should be courting independents, The Donald keeps alienating Muslims, Vets, parents, Ryans, McCains, you-name-its, keeps being offensive to defend his sacrosanct brand. Yes, he's already survived bad weeks during this campaign, but this one digs way deeper under his disguise.

And at long last, GOP figures are making themselves heard. To win, Republicans must defeat the YUGE bad apples within their own ranks (see "GOP Implosion (continued)"). A few electoral defeats are better than the defeat of democracy itself.

Donald Trump's babygate reminds me of Stephen King's The Dead Zone, the moment when Greg Stillson loses the election (20160803 -twitter.com/stephanemot/status/760661014371119105)

RNC in CLE or RNC 2016 in Nuremberg? Making Amerika Great Again (20160721 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/756105675902586880)

Close encounters of the third kind (Reich?). Donald Trump at RNC2016 (20160719 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/755235038988423168)

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Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
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Japan just voted for its Peacexit - or is it Democracexit? After securing a 2/3 majority in the House of Councillors, Shinzo Abe is getting closer to his lifetime dream: undoing the nation's postwar constitution and restoring the fundamentals of the imperial rule that disgraced it.

The UK doesn't have a constitution to protect, and it doesn't have a clue how to cope with the Brexit mess that left the whole political spectrum in shambles. David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn, all lost face, leaving to Mother Theresa May the tough job of caring for untouchable issues. At least, something is working in the UK this Summer: Sadiq Khan got elected, and the Chilcot Report exposed Tony Blair's responsibility in George W. Bush's Iraq imposture**.

Europe doesn't have a constitution, but it remains ruled from 101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, the headquarters of Goldman Sachs, a company that gave us Draghi, and is hiring Barroso. Mario Draghi is certainly not Jean-Claude Trichet, Jose-Manuel Barroso is certainly not Jacques Delors, and Hollande is not even Giscard. Where's there's no political will...

No constitution? No problem: 101 Constitution's so easy to learn! Just dial Constitution 101, and ask for instructions from Goldman Sachs

Israel doesn't have a constitution, and it helps when you want to circumvent the rule of international law. In the 2008 and 2012 tradition (see "Deja vu all over again"), I expect Bibi Netanyahu to seize the US election year opportunity and further fuel tensions with Palestine. It would only take a few skirmishes to start the fireworks... who wants to bet?

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Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
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* "Japan votes Peacexit - if not Democracexit" Seoul Village 
** reminder: "Invasion of Iraq: The Bush Legacy in 3 Impostures"


Cenotaphs, shrines, and an obituary of Japan democracy

History will remember the first time a POTUS and a Japanese PM stood together in Hiroshima more than their empty words.

Hiroshima mon amour
As expected, Shinzo Abe delivered one of his trademark, crocodile-tearful, "History is harsh" speeches*, sparing us his usual fake excuses, because this time, he was not required to provide any. Today, Barack Obama chimed in by using similar smoke screens. And of course, without apologizing.

Yes, 'we have a shared responsibility to look directly in the eye of history', but don't count on us for saying that nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki was wrong, or that Imperial Japan committed war crimes that also need to be remembered.

The choice of a G7 host city is a fantastic opportunity to push a political agenda, and Hiroshima was a finalist for Shinzo Abe, who wants everybody to remember Japan as a pure victim, and to forget that it committed atrocities under the fascist regime he has, along with fellow members of Nippon Kaigi, pledged to restore ("Imperial Japan v. Japan"). Sorry, Mr Abe, but "No, you can't honor A-Bomb victims in Hiroshima AND War Criminals in Yasukuni".

In his wildest dreams, this incurable provocateur would have selected Yasukuni, but the international community would have condemned him vehemently. He settled for another controversial Shinto shrine he loves to visit as frequently as possible: Ise Grand Shrine doesn't honor war criminals, but it is also led by a eminent member of Nippon Kaigi. And a Japanese government is supposed to respect the separation of State and religion...

Don't forget that as far as extremist lobbies go, Abe follows Shinto Seiji Renmei as well as Nippon Kaigi, and that as a fundamentalist, he wants the restoration of State Shinto, and of the Emperor as the supreme religious and political leader. 

A few Japanese voices raised objections regarding the choice of Ise, but who's listening to the dwindling resistance of the local democracy?

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Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
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* for last year's two masterpieces, see ""History is harsh" and other sick jokes" and "Decoding the Abe Statement: "why apologize for crimes Japan never committed?""

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