2012 blogules

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the year 2012.
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2012 Second Half:

. "A clear democratic triumph for PARK Geun-hye, but who won the elections?"
. "North Korea Watch - Fall-Winter Trends 2012-2013"
. "Happy New Year 2014"
. "Forward. Hopefully, including for the GOP"
. "Who do you want to lead America and the World?"
. "Women are in binders, my friend"
. "Mitt Romney detonates himself, the fifth victim of the Benghazi attack"
. "Romney's crash course 101"
. "Mitt's Kill Big Bird Moment"
. ""We almost didn't get off the ground", Mitt?"
. "9/11: What Would Mitt Do? (George W. Bush)"
. "The Commander in Chief Has Spoken"
. "Bubba Clinton rocks DNC 2012: GOP Unity My Ass!"
. "DNC 2012 Day 1: Come Together, Now"
. "Romney's big night? A bitter sleeping pill"
. "Lies, damned lies, and RNCs"
. "Attack of the GOP First Lady Wannabe clones"
. "Total Un-Recall: RNC 2012 In Denial, Welcome to Tampa, FL (Fantasy Land)"
. "Between balance and Ryan, Romney made his choice"
. "Retweet this: "South Korea censors freedom"?"
. "How about sending NASA's curiosity probe to Planet Romney?"
. "2012 Mitt Romlympics"
. "Bawling for Columbine"
. "This time, vote with your brain"
. "Didier Raoult: a closet Creationist or just a questionably honest scientist?"

2012 First Half:

. "50+20 - Relearning Economics"
. "The Republic of Korea is under attack. From within."
. "France refuses to change"
. "Inhuman, all too human Seoul (an essay)"
. "I, RomnBot (Meet Mitt)"
. "Tokyo's Un-Patriot Act"
. "Mobile Virtual Nuclear Operators"
. "Deja vu all over again"
. "2012 Presidential Elections in France - It's not the economy, stupid"
. "Facebook's Initial Private Offering"
. "Six Buffoons in Search of a Kingmaker"
. "Grand Old Parting: fix your party before causing more damage to your country"
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