50+20 - Relearning Economics

You already know* how I consider this crisis:
- at the root, this is not a financial crisis but a crisis of finance, this is not an economic crisis but a crisis of economics
- past ideologies are not the solution, we need a sound, pragmatic approach, and a restoration of economics as it ought to be defined**: not the science of wealth, but the comprehension of a system or an activity, be it an individual, a society, a company, a living organism... Again, "we shall win over nowadays depression only by opening ourselves up to economy, not by trying to elude it because we forgot what it means for the future of this planet". Again, finance is a means, not an end. Again, no equation is relevant if it doesn't consider humans and the environment.

Of course, business and economics should be taught accordingly.

I wasn't surprised to see my old school ESSEC (the "think different" side in the Coca Cola - Pepsi war of French business schools) among the promoters of the "50+20" initiative (50plus20.org), which seeks the education and development of globally responsible leaders, the enablement of business organizations to serve the Common Good, and the transformation of business and the economy...

Can you spot Stephane, Heyonn and Don in this video aired at the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education on 15 June 2012? Tip: we were facing the sun and Inwangsan, with the Gyeongbokgung behind us (if you can't see the landmarks, we could enjoy the sun):

50+20 Agenda: Management Education for the World - Launch Video (720p).

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* see among other posts "
This is not a financial crisis", or in French: "Le stade ultime du libéralisme, c'est la négation du marché (le déni d'économie continue)", "Mondialisation : du "free market" au "fair market""...
** see "define: economy"

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