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For their IXth Season, and to celebrate the mother of all election years (the US, France, Korea - the South at least -, China, Americanidolistan... everybody votes in 2012), blogules just launched their official Facebook pages.

That's pageS with an S because as you know, blogules exist in French and pseudo-English versions. And regardless of who lands where, I badly needed a specific platform for each language, something I can't afford on Twitter - even if it's free - since, mercifully, there's only one me (@stephanemot).

So welcome to the new pages, come get your blogules fix and spill your own comments:

And while I'm at it, you are of course invited to like my other Facebook pages:

So many pages for such inept content... but at least we're not falling trees for these.

blogules 2012
Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
NEW: join blogules on Facebook!!!
(also in French!)

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