Who do you want to lead America and the World?

The third presidential debate confirmed the second one: Barack Obama outclassed Mitt Romney on character as well as on issues, and body languages exposed clearly how the latter conceded to the former. The POTUS lost the first debate simply because he was not campaigning, just trying to reason with a chronic flip-flopper. The former Governor of Massachusetts showed again that he was not fit for the job, and not fit for the challenges of this millenium. Just good enough to adapt his speech to the audiences and circumstances, even if it means contradicting himself every single day.

It's a no brainer.

Yet, as incredible as it may seem, US voters are on the verge of sending this loser to the White House, and as the man in charge of defending their interests overseas. A man who already embarrassed himself not only in front of today's President, but for all the world to see in his first trip (indeed!) overseas as a candidate last summer.

Who do you want to lead America and the World?

A wannabe and a laughingstock.
Inconsistent, weak on issues and vision.
Stuck in the mid XXth century.

The World Leader.
Consistent, strong on issues and vision.
Already leads America into the IIIrd Millenium.
3 International highlights?
- Apology Tour Summer 2012 (England, Poland)
- "Saved" the Salt Lake City Olympics ($40M surplus)
... thanks to taxpayer money ($1,3 bn)!
- Self-proclaimed "peace" candidate after 6 years of
warmongering campaign (17 of his 24 foreign policy advisors worked for Bush-Cheney)
3 International highlights?
- Restored America's honor and leadership worldwide
- Ended the war in Iraq, set the agenda for Afghanistan
- Got the Nobel Peace Prize AND Bin Laden

Go with the true leader, go FORWARD

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* see "Mitt's Kill Big Bird Moment" (debate 1), "Mitt Romney detonates himself, the fifth victim of the Benghazi attack" (debate 2)

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