Prisoner Of Wasilla - A short sighted Maverick

John McCain is a POW now. Prisoner Of Wasilla, he'll have to go all the way to November with the caricature of a Veep he picked in a last minute "hail Maria pass" (as Jonathan Atler splendidly put it).

Old Noah had to fill his Arch before the Gustav flood, but didn't have enough time to find a member of each species. With Sarah Palin, he filled a few checkboxes in one shot : Mac is targeting hardcore Hillarists ? Palin is a woman. Mac is turning 72 ? Palin is 44. Mac wants to rally ultraconservatives ? Palin is a mother of 5, against abortion rights, and a NRA activist. Mac wants to please Bush's fundamentalist base ? Palin prones the teaching of creationism / Intelligent Design at school.

Even better : as Mark Brown put it, "Palin gives them the reason (excuse?) they needed to vote for McCain, assuming they weren't already there. Now they won't be voting AGAINST the black man. They'll be voting FOR the woman." So the Palin quick fix is solving both the gender and race issues. Another way for McCain of evading the direct comparison with Obama.


And pathetic.

This isn't a daring move but a purely defensive, tactical, and short sighted one. The kind of moves a cornered rookie chess player would try in an embarrassingly childish final display of bravado. John McCain has no long term vision whatsoever : he is simply everyday more desperate to please everybody, everyday more hollow and inconsistent.

Mac says he’s been keeping an eye on his Pal for years, but he actually met her 6 months ago, and called her only once about the job*. The "maverick" is gone, replaced by either a compulsive gambler, or someone who totally despises the Vice Presidency (after all, this very man already delivered a cristal clear definition for the job : "The vice president has two duties : one is to inquire daily as to the health of the president, and the other is to attend the funerals of Third World dictators").

What a contrast with the Obama - Biden ticket ! Barack chose Joe because he respected him for his judgement and his ability to challenge him a positive way for the good of the country, like a trustable and unbiased partner would do.

McCain-Palin ? They don’t respect each other. They don’t even know each other, never worked together. Can’t work together... unless, of course, John McCain decides to give up totally to his darker side, and accepts to lose
the McCainistan war. I don't know whether he's lost his bearings, but I hope Independents won't lose theirs and follow such a dangerous path.

Let Obama take care of him in the Presidential debates.

Meanwhile, Hillary has unfinished job to do and I expect her to come out and expose Palin's imposture (she personifies what feminists abhorr : a former beauty queen**, a militant against abortion rights, a NRA activist willing to nuke Roe vs Wade). That would prove she really meant what the said the other night.

Before Hurricane Hillary touches down, the McCain-Palin duet intends to surf on Hurricane Gustav, the perfect Weapon of Mass Distraction : imagine them facing the elements in a spectacular New Orleans acceptance speech - what a dramatic, un-Conventional, un-big-stadium-extravaganza change ! The perfect PR op' at the best moment.

And far less risky than facing a mob of dubious and angry Reps.

* read "
The story behind the Palin surprise" (Jonathan Martin on Politico 20080829)
** When you say "I think that’s a pretty, pretty event-filled and record-filled resume", are you talking about the Miss Wasilla 1984 line, John ? Do you really believe in this "agent of change" who doesn't understand evolution ?, this untested, small town celeb one heartbeat away of leading 300 million Americans ?


"I Get It"

You bet.

The next President Of The United States delivered the goods. He is the right man at the right place at the right moment.

Well. 4 years earlier would have been even better but then, Barack Obama wouldn't have had the opportunity to truly make his case and stand up this Whitehousoid stage with such certainty that he was ready for the real stuff.

At last, this country, this world and this century have the leader they deserve.

He got it.

Will the American get it too, this time ?


Play it again, Uncle Sam ?

So McCain is leading the polls and some people want to make you think the Democratic National Convention will be a failure for Obama ?

What's happening now is pure 2004 Redux : Steve "The Infratect" Schmidt and Co. are using the same strategy as they did when they served "Turd Blossom" and his protege.

The key ? attacking the opponent on his strongest points :

- Kerry was a war hero and Bush-Cheney coward dodgers / AWOL ? Let's swiftboat him and forge a tale to destroy the myth.
- Kerry was denouncing the fallacious, simplistic and pro-war propaganda ? Let's caricature him as a pompous professor and an un-American weasel sold to the French.

Here's today's sales pitch :

- Obama is a young and charismatic leader drawing crowds and McCain a boring white haired dude drawing yawns ? Let's caricature him as a dull celeb pretending to be Moses.
- Obama is the most favored candidate and the most likely to bring together people from all horizons ? Let's tell stories about doubts within his own camp and let's mock at his aura of inevitability.
- Obama tries to restore the values that made America respected by proposing more balanced views on a World that needs to abandon the us-vs-them, black-vs-white Bush rethorics ? Let's laugh at his complex sentences and let's train McCain as a Dubya look-alike down to the monosyllabic brawl.

I'm sick and tired of repeating the same mantra for over 5 years but damnit, it's high time to wake up, America. It's time to turn your back to those who want to destroy your country, to get rid of the Bushes, Cheneys and Roves (and of the pityful me-too nobody who used to be John McCain), and to vote for the good of your country, and for the good of the world.

Yes, you can and yes, you should vote Obama.


Obama's Veep - and the loser is...

Barack Obama eventually decided to pick Clinton.

His co-runner addressed the Convention in a splendid blue dress, calling for all US women to cast their ballot for the winning ticket.

Bill then called his wife, who joined him on stage in a dark suit under a balloon deluge.

- "My husband was the obvious choice for Barack", declared the NY Senator. "He was the brain damaged mastermind of my campaign, alienating the black vote and giving the nod to the nefarious 3 A.M. ad*. With him on board, even if Bill skips his breakfast at the Golden Arches, Obama is bound to sink, paving the way for my election in 4 years or Chelsea's in 12".

Michelle Obama wrapped it up best off the mike : "there was no way out... any Veep would have hurt Barack anyway : my man is too consistent and wholesome. So we decided to go for a white haired guy people on the street would recognize. A poll led on a selection of dumb blond celebs did the trick : the other option was not available."

* see "
3:10 to Yuma... and New York" (20080301)


What Fareed Zakaria got wrong

If one reads Fareed Zakaria's latest attempt to save his own face, "What Bush Got Right" was actually to stop being Bush*.

What Fareed Zakaria got wrong was to stop being the Fareed Zakaria that brilliantly denounced the lack of understanding by the American people of what was going on after 9/11.

That Fareed Zakaria was carefully taken care of by the hawks that sold the invasion of Iraq : an invitation at the prestigious 2003 Bilderberg Meeting, a briefing by top White House figures, and a promotion as Editor of Newsweek International.

Zakaria spent the following months justifying the invasion of Iraq, and the following years trying to clumsily justify himself.

And yes, Bush got something right : everything. But as a fundamentalist, not as the POTUS.

* Newsweek August 18-25, 2008 issue.


Driving Mister Crazy

Salim Ahmed Hamdan, Osama Bin Laden's Yemeni driver, enjoyed his 15 Wharolian minutes.
Bonus : 7 years in Gitmo Resort, and more to come.

Hamdan has eventually been found guilty of something. Amerika's justice simply could not let this pathetic figure walk away without losing what's left of its own credibility : this nobody symbolically won all previous bouts, including the fabled Hamdan v. Rumsfeld case. For one good reason : this whole mock-up of a judicial framework was proven inconstitutional. And the only way to maintain him in the Guantanamo limbo was to label him "Enemy combatant" (turning his car into a Mobile Weapon of Mass Destruction with SA-7 missiles).

So Hamdan is guilty. For serving Dubya's partner* in his Good vs Evil crusade. For exposing the failures of freedom, justice, and democracy in a country that was supposed to disseminate freedom, justice and democracy**. For masterminding a plot against the cover-ups, lies and forgeries of an Administration that insulted the values of its nation.

So the driver will pay. But the madman who's been driving the USovA down the gutter of infamy shall remain un-prosecuted. In spite of all the recent "revelations" from former White House members who should have blown the whistle a long time ago. Yeah, Dennis Kucinich did mention impeachment but this masquerade was too little too late, and only an expedient for Nancy Pelosi to clinch a minor deal***.

Actually, I can't prove that George W. Bush was a member of al Qaeda but History will probably charge him for "engaging in hostilities against the US", "conspiracy", and "providing support for terrorism".

* see "
Universal Declaration of Independence from fundamentalism"
** both Dubya's experts in justice (
Harriet E. Miers and Alberto Gonzales) should actually end up in jail, and his record consists of the disastrous handling of the cases of two underbrained misfits (Zacharias Moussaoui pairing with Salim Hamdan) and one former dictator (see "Smokescreened him out - Saddam 1-1 Slobodan - Red blogule to justice in 2006" 20061230).
*** in her own crude words, she even claimed to have saved the POTUS from self-inflicted torture ("We pulled the president's chestnuts out of the fire")

Riding The Bullet

"Where Have You Gone, John ?"

Good question and excellent answers by Jonathan Atler*.

McCain 2008 is definitely becoming a caricature of Bush 2004, and doesn't have much left in common with McCain 2000.

Already swiftboated in muddy waters by 527 Groups**, Barack Obama is now being parishiltoned by John's own Nightmare Team of campaigners, headed by The Bullet himself, Steve Schmidt, the ant behind The Architect in Karl Rove's masterpiece : George W. Bush 2004 election (remember ? Dubya lost in 2000 but Jeb won Florida for him).

How low can it go indeed ? Back in 2003, The Dixie Chicks would clearly denounce Bush's invasion of Iraq. Five years later, Paris Hilton is actually campaigning for John McCain. No wonder : compared to Nathalie Maines, this perfab rehab celeb has the IQ of a fencepost. Ever the superficial caricature of herself, she is not criticizing the Republican candidate for his program or character but for his age, the only field where she can outscore him (Mac also underwent cosmetic surgery, but for serious reasons - and no, I never considered dumbness a sexy attribute).

The air is almost getting fouler in pre-election America than in pre-olympic Beijing. Yet, even under this blanket of slime and mud, a serious debate seems to be emerging on energy issues. Obama knows the quickest way to curb emissions is to change behaviors, and McCain knows nuclear power should remain a major option.

Even nowadays, after the World's leader in percentage of electricity generated by nuclear plants disclosed series of embarassing incidents involving its beloved plants.

After all, there's been some improvement since 2004 : if France is still not really helping the GOP champion, at least Paris joined the Party.

* see his latest column (Newsweek
20080811) - and my previous blogules on this tragic Mac Drive : "The McCainistan War" (20080718), and "Values Question Marks" (20080512)
** see "
The Case Against Barack Obama ? More propaganda from mud loving PIGs" (20080703)


Carbon wingprint

Airlines are lucky. They only pay once for the fuel they use and not for their impact on the environment. For the moment.

US Airlines are unlucky, but they deserve it because they've been focusing on short term financials for too long. Their fleets are ageing, their services reduced to the minimum, and their only answer to oil price hikes has been to charge extras for luggages, water, pillows, and blankets. I'm sure they're considering pay per view movies (as part of their business plans for Airbus A380 private suites ?).

Someday these guys will charge for the oxygen you breathe on board and for your contribution to the plane's carbon "wingprint". Double Global Warming Charge.

I'm definitely expecting more from airlines and plane manufacturers. Improving fuel efficiency is one thing but one of their major contributors to greenhouse effect is actually water : the longlasting tracks they leave on otherwise blue skies.

Honda and Toyota have been focusing on fuel efficient but private airplanes. This is more about extending the automobile sphere than reducing the aerial one. Yet newcomers are welcome.
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