Riding The Bullet

"Where Have You Gone, John ?"

Good question and excellent answers by Jonathan Atler*.

McCain 2008 is definitely becoming a caricature of Bush 2004, and doesn't have much left in common with McCain 2000.

Already swiftboated in muddy waters by 527 Groups**, Barack Obama is now being parishiltoned by John's own Nightmare Team of campaigners, headed by The Bullet himself, Steve Schmidt, the ant behind The Architect in Karl Rove's masterpiece : George W. Bush 2004 election (remember ? Dubya lost in 2000 but Jeb won Florida for him).

How low can it go indeed ? Back in 2003, The Dixie Chicks would clearly denounce Bush's invasion of Iraq. Five years later, Paris Hilton is actually campaigning for John McCain. No wonder : compared to Nathalie Maines, this perfab rehab celeb has the IQ of a fencepost. Ever the superficial caricature of herself, she is not criticizing the Republican candidate for his program or character but for his age, the only field where she can outscore him (Mac also underwent cosmetic surgery, but for serious reasons - and no, I never considered dumbness a sexy attribute).

The air is almost getting fouler in pre-election America than in pre-olympic Beijing. Yet, even under this blanket of slime and mud, a serious debate seems to be emerging on energy issues. Obama knows the quickest way to curb emissions is to change behaviors, and McCain knows nuclear power should remain a major option.

Even nowadays, after the World's leader in percentage of electricity generated by nuclear plants disclosed series of embarassing incidents involving its beloved plants.

After all, there's been some improvement since 2004 : if France is still not really helping the GOP champion, at least Paris joined the Party.

* see his latest column (Newsweek
20080811) - and my previous blogules on this tragic Mac Drive : "The McCainistan War" (20080718), and "Values Question Marks" (20080512)
** see "
The Case Against Barack Obama ? More propaganda from mud loving PIGs" (20080703)


  1. "at least Paris joined the Party"

    That's aslo what we're thinking in France, too Bush or not too Bush that'is the sarkozy's question ;-)


  2. good NYT paper on Schmidt today. From "Turd Blossom" to "message Nazi"... you don't want to meet the next generation of spin masters.

  3. Unfortunatelly, we'll won't have to wait the next generation, cause we already have what we need now at all ! ;-)

    my god what's happens to us ? every time I learn a post, it's the same story in any country, here or overseas, the world is getting mader ans mader but what can we do ? it looks like the end of the world...

    look, we don't even know how american people live the "crise", against, we already got news about subprimes and all the consequences pepole must support !

    and you're going to smile, but sarko included low credits, in his program during his campaign, funny no ? How luky we are !

    tell me more about american people lives at this moment please, do you thik Obama will be president, I'm very curious, but here we don't have news concretaly, medias are closed and don't give us the trueth...

    We must wait 2012 to change the way, if Lepen the nazi istn't alive I mean, also I'm very afraid, besause his dhoter is harder than him and people is getting more and more nationalist...

    sorry for my english, I don't use this langage usually, it's a little bit difficult to me... I only have one person whith whome I use it, but not often...

    learn u soon ok ;-)

  4. Right now, in spite of the magnitude of the crisis, I still think economy comes second after politics and the outcome of the US elections.

    We'll know this week if McCain manages to derail the Obama Express. All polls expect an Obama win, but anything can happen.

    Voting against the bailout was the only way for the "maverick" to distance himself from both Bush and Obama, to have a clear message on economics.

    Sarkozy can be defeated in 2012, but the PS must either change dramatically or implode for this to happen.

  5. All right,I understand why things do not change despite the urgency, It is certain that the elections hamper decisions that all people must be switched, and decisions can affect the vote...

    in addition, they expect much change with Obama also, I think maybe we are too, forced to wait for the U.S. elections too, because there are no concrete solutions since the beginning of the crisis here.

    About the Socialist Party, nobody wants it as it is actually, PS has a very bad image and we expect the Social Democratic Party, Bayrou may be, but there is the permanent bi-polarization, left and right, we so bored…

    And you're right, to zap Sarko, we must put the package, and ensure that the UMP does not win …

    thank you for all your information in case you're cool


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