Values Question Marks

Douglas E. Schoen raised the "Obama and the Values Question Mark" issue in the Wall Street Journal.

I do believe the question marks to be much bigger as far as John McCain is concerned.

Obama didn't have to make compromises as damaging as those made by his GOP rival.

And McCain can lose his independent base as well as the theocon base he's desperately been courting for months : he will be under sniper fires from both sides.

... not to mention Obama who will ask a few questions. Such as :

- did you actually vote for Roe vs Wade before you voted against it ?
- did you actually not vote for Bush before you asked for the vote of his followers ?
- was your conference at the Discovery Institute a sign of change in the US educational system ? do you favor Intelligent Design ?
- ...

Question marks, anyone ?

PS (addendum 20080514) - ethics an issue, anyone ? - Amy Poehler a definitely spitting image of HRC :

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