Collapses in Wall Street and Alaska

The fundamentals of the McCain-Palin ticket sound as good as those of the US economy...
The Palin Imposture :
- a "Maverick" shaking DC... with Cheney's neocon agenda and Bush's theocon agenda
- an "independent" reaching across the aisle... but firing anybody who disagree with her
- an agent of change... who doesn't even believe in Evolution
- in favor of investigation... but not of subpoenas
- ready to protect the country... but running Alaska from an unprotected Yahoo! account
- ...
Q "Well John, don't you think it's time to accept you're not good at casting people fit for the job ?"
A "I haven't changed my mind: I think... I'll have my staff get back to you"

PS / bonus : for the road, Fey / Palin's premiere at SNL with Poehler / Hillary :

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