Kanye West: a fake #BlackLivesMatter candidate to rescue a real White Supremacist

On July 4th, Kanye West declared his candidacy for President. On the same day Donald Trump delivered a divisive speech defending the Confederate heritage.

The strategy is obvious: without waiting for Putin to spin a third candidate for the November elections (now his only path to victory, combined with voter suppression), DJT launches his friend Kanye as the ultimate Uncle Tom.

In other words, Joe Biden will be sandwiched between a fake #BlackLivesMatter candidate and a true White Supremacist candidate.

I need a barf bag.



. "Very smart: with #Kanye West, #Trump doesn't just split the #Biden vote: he triggers a divisive war within #African American voters. Don't get fooled: voting @kanyewest is voting #Donal dTrump." (2:37 PM · Jul 5, 2020)
. "The Donald-Kanye Sandwich: 82M followers for #Trump, 29.4M for #Kanye West, only 6.5M for #Joe Biden. #VoteKanyeMeansVoteTrump #KanyeRunsForTrump" (2:40 PM · Jul 5, 2020, twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279651420677914624)
. "... Not counting #Elon Musk (36.6M followers and like #Trump & #Kanye West, a few billions to spare - #Kim  Kardashian just reached her first bn)" (11:00 AM · Jul 6, 2020 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279958385513791488)
. "Pretty sure #Kanye West will pick a left-leaning, #Putin-friendly, white female running mate. #Tulsi Gabbard a bit too obvious. Any other guess?" (2:54 PM · Jul 5, 2020 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279654824938627073)

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  1. GOP of course helping Trump running mate Kanye West: Republican operatives are helping Kanye West get on general election ballots



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