ReOpenReOpenReOpen911 - the Pentagony continues

I'm still being harrassed by self proclaimed "Truthers" (see "9/11 Truthers Knockin' At Your Door"). These guys are at the same time very stubborn and very inconsistent : after all these years you would think they eventually found their own "official version" but it keeps changing, moving from one hot air bubble to another.

I tried to figure out their non-euclidian-non-darwinian versioning path for the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, and It goes like this :

1. Nothing happened on September the 11th, 2001 at the Pentagon.
2. Witnesses and cameras did see a plane crash on the Pentagon, causing a major explosion, but they were all victims of an optical illusion.
3. Plane debris and passenger bodies were found, but they actually were material sent from Hollywood - probably stuff from the Weinstein brothers or that Katzenberg guy, I guess...
4. Right. There WAS an explosion but it was caused by a missile. There NEVER was any plane that day in the vicinity of the Pentagon.
5. To be more accurate, there was not ONE plane but TWO : besides the Boeing, a military aircraft shot the missile.
6. No one testified for the military plane ? Precisely ! It definitely proves the DoD did it : stealth aircrafts have their fingerprints all over' em.
7. Granted, there was a Boeing, and it gave the illusion that it crashed on the Pentagon, but that was a hologram.
8. The CIA hired David Copperfield on that one. He never succeeded in large scale mass illusions, and the sky was totally cloudless that day, but this miraculous hologram establishes the superiority of US innovation. The sound hologram was particularly spectacular.
9. Still not convinced ? I'll play it again, then : the plane did exist and did crash on the Pentagon. Happy now ? What you don't get is that it was a drone remotely operated like a missile. You see, doesn't everything fit ?
10. The 9/11 victims ? They never existed. Or rather : 125 names were picked in the DoD files, 64 among passengers and crew having used American Airlines 77 between September 1991 and August. They all died or disappeared under strange circumstances within hours after the so called attack on the Pentagon.
11. We're getting closer now. To wrap it up : flight American Airlines 77 did take off, with these 64 people on board. But it never landed, because its GPS went berserk : programmed to crash on WTC 7, the plane eventually destroyed the AZF factory near Toulouse, France, on September 21.
12. Anyway, the probability for these very 64 people to meet that very day in this very plane and in this very place is close to zero, so this flight simply cannot have existed. By the way, prove me that God never existed if you dare.
13. The Pentagon doesn't exist. It's a hologram.
14. The United States of America are a hologram created by the KGB.
15. Barack Obama is a hologram remotely operated by Lyndon LaRouche.
16. I'm a hologram programed to reopen each time I'm sent back the image of my own vacuity.

blogules 2009 - see the original on blogules in French ("Truthers : la Pentagonnade continue"), not this mere hologramme

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