Obama answers 3 A.M. phony calls

If you think the 2004 campaign was nasty, sit down and watch the rivers of lies pouring down the screens.

I dubbed McCain's campaign manager Steve Schmidt "The Infratect" because he truly is Karl Rove's Mini-me and because McCain won't build anything good if he keeps working with such designers*, but everybody knows his nickname "
The Bullet" and his prowess in Weapons of Mass Disinformation.

Schmidt's nasty jabs often strike below the belt, and even when the referee (independent media) cry foul, he keeps on trying new ugly tricks.

No, Obama is not a Muslim. But boy, does he have the Muhammad Ali mojo and punch on that one* :

This man won't let someone who spat on him dictate him what to say and what to do.

This man won't let "some member of his staff get back to you" when you ask him a tricky question.

And yes, this man can take any 3 AM phone call. We now the truly phony ones won't work.

Between 2001 and 2003, with bold lies, they managed to forge a case for a war that costs billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands casualties.

Between 2003 and 2004, with bold lies, they managed to get George W. Bush and Dick Cheney elected in spite of all the evidences likely to get the both of them impeached.

Between 2005 and 2007, with bold lies, they managed to make you believe their strategy was working, but all they did was to build walls of hatred all over the Middle East and even at home.

And now, with bold lies, they are painting Obama as un-American and McCain as un-Bush in order to get an extra 4 years and finish their work of destruction.

As the latest polls show, their bold lies seem to be working once again, but once again the loser will be America.

* Rove and Schmidt are better at destruction, as McCain himself could testify eight years ago. Now this guy is reshaping a Maverick into a carpet.

** CNN footage about the so-called "lipstickgate"

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