"Change is coming" and Mac "will fight", but for whom and for what ?

What a disgrace for such a great man.

A "Maverick" ?

McCain sold his soul to Bush and other theocons in order to clinch the nomination, and even accepted the humiliation of a
Karl Rove sidekick leading his own campaign, 8 years after being thrashed by the same team.

"Change" ?

What do you think McCain had to pledge to these madhatters in order to get their nods ? Over the last few years, he has repeatedly pleaded allegiance to theocons, Intelligent Design advocates and extremists who expect only one thing from him :
to put one more ultraconservative justice in the Supreme Court.

George seems to trust John, to be sure he won't take any maverick initiative. And he told it clearly to his fellow fundamentalists at the RNC : "John is a leader who knows that human life is fragile … that human life is precious … that human life must be defended". The message is clear : this guy will destroy Roe vs Wade. And John knows something : his new friends have put a born again ayatollah one heartbeat away from his job... so he'd better enjoy his eighth house quietly, and paint it black without asking too many questions. Sarah Palin is not only a pitbull with lipsync (see her stand-alone gig reading o'reillishly partisan jokes from a prompter), but some kind of "pro-life insurance" for hardcore fundamentalists.

How dare John McCain claim at the same time his independent heritage, the Bush heritage, and the theocon leadership ?

"Change is coming" all right : voting for McCain means voting against America and for Amerika, against democracy and for theocracy. I saw McCain change over the years and I wouldn't like all his fellow Americans to follow the same path.

Will America be fooled once more, or will America wake up on time and
declare its independence from theocons ?

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