White blogule to the EU's carbon cuts and the new ECSC

European Trading Scheme phase II (ETS 2) has cut member states' carbon permits by an average 7% for the years to come. If not disruptive, this is a first step beyond Kyoto.

A small step for environment but a giant leap for Europe : this international nobody had been asked for years to work on global warming, a much easier and popular task than political union.

Considering the EU was founded on the CECA (Communaute Europeenne du Charbon et de l'Acier) / ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community), we actually need less European Coal but an actual Steel Community as far as will is considered.


White blogule to netrootizens - Impeach for Change

Better late than sorry...
I've been calling for an impeachment for over 2 years but this could be the time for it to happen.

I understand Dems had to keep a low profile before mid-term elections but now, they can unleash the (watch)dogs and talk impeachment.

The petition is on its way but I cannot join the party of almost 30,000 since I'm not a US citizen.

But YOU, dear netrootizen reader, are more than often a genuine one. So visit Impeachforchange.org and cast your ballot. These "aggressive progressives" plan to create an Impeachment Committee for each of the 435 Congressional Districts.


(debate) First withdraw from... the Bush doctrine

(debate on "our way out of Iraq")

No sane decision can be made before setting the house in order (the house beyond the House, that is - congrats for the Elections !). I suggest 3 steps :

First, America must clearly formulate some apologies to the Iraqi people and the international community for forgetting its own values. America will be respected again when America will be respectful again.

Second, quickly formulate the positions from all key players through a commission with a mandate to meet with all parties willing to talk (including Iranians). Iraqis should be open to new faces and ending the black / white talk should help hitting common ground / common sense. From America's point of view, that could also be a way of putting a friendly pressure : the US won't be the black sheep anymore, the scapegoat responsible for all trouble.

Once America repositions itself as a neutral force instead of an invasion / occupation force, the next steps will appear much easier.

But the US cannot leave Iraq without fixing the damage done. It is the hell of a burden but you cannot say you weren't warned of the consequences of this war.



If you are a true Republican and if you are a true Conservative, you MUST vote against your party.

Back in 2004, you missed the opportunity to kick George W. Bush out of the White House and restore the values that built America. If you don't realize by now how far you have been betrayed by this President, here are a few wake up calls :

- the Bush Administration doesn't fight terror but feeds it. You've heard about it, you may even understand some of it, but that's not the worst piece of news : all this is done on purpose

- this president turned America into a outlaw and a pariah, insulting the very values he pretends to represent : how can you be proud of your country and how can it remain a model democracy overseas when its leader refuses any kind of accountability before the international community as well as before its own Congress, when it legalizes torture and abductions, when it denies its own citizens basic human and legal rights ? Do you believe this "compassionate republican" ? Do you think this president does what is best for his country or what is best for his own hidden agenda ?

- it is time for you to understand Bush's agenda is neither conservative nor even neo-conservative : the aim of the game is to make fundamentalism mainstream across the world and in the US. And fundamentalism cannot survive in a peaceful environment - fundamentalism feeds from fear, anger, war, frustration, injustice, unfairness, the absence of debate... the very way this Administration is running and ruining the country. Don't expect these guys to lead Amerika nor the World to peace.

- this has nothing to do about genuine faith or religion : this is about changing politics, science, society, about raping the very idea of democracy to please a bunch of madhatters

- if you don't consider US fundamentalists as mad as Islamist fundamentalists, consider this : from the very start, your leaders wanted Iraq to collapse and be parted, Iran to become the superevil it is now and Israel to infuriate its neighbors. All this because the craziest among them believe the final battle between Israel and Evil must happen as soon as possible in order to provoque the return of the Messiah during their lifetime... How is that for an "intelligent design" ?

You may like your Republican representative or your senator but do you really think America can afford two more years of impunity for the Bush Administration ? Do you really want to see what these people (from the White House, not from Capitol Hill) will do to make sure they remain in power after Dubya's second term ?

What will you tell your children and grandchildren ?

Vote for America, vote against Bush.


Red blogule to Dick Cheney - Apneamerika

Hold your breath. The latest videogame is about entering Amerika safe and leaving it alive.

First, you must pass through the Great Mexican Wall. Then, you have to avoid Florida snipers (The Gunshine State welcomes you*) and scary CIA Abductors. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 but give ten times that amount to the GOP and you may reach the next level. But you can end up in a dead end even before entering Amerika - that twilight zone is called the Guantanamo Law Warp.

Now is the moment of truth : are you truly an Amerikan ? Answer a few tricky questions from Darth Vader (Lobby Dick Cheney), such as "Do you consider the law of the jungle in business to be Darwinian (only the fittest prevail) or creationist (there is a scheme and big corporations set some kind of an Intelligent Design) ?"

Whatever the outcome, you then must take a bath. Either in order to be baptised a stubborn-again Bushite, or to be drowned to death a cruel, inhumane and degrading way**.

* see "Red blogule to the Gunshine State - shootfirstlaw.org Hammered down by the NRA" (20051011)

** see "White blogule to John McCain vs cruel, inhuman, or degrading Amerika" (20051025)
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