Red blogule to the President who "saves American lives"

President Bush proudly signed the death certificate of Habeas Corpus over a "Protecting Amerika" billboard Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of.

Dubya even dared add this was "a rare occasion when a president can sign a bill he knows will save American lives".

Tell that to the relatives of the 2,783 Americans "saved" from life in Iraq (3,020 overall for what's left of the pretended coalition, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count*). Not to mention non-lethal US casualties (somewhere between 30 and 50,000) and of course the 43,937 to 48,783 Iraqis civilians killed because of the US invasion**. So far.

The fact is Bush has never had any occasion of actually saving American lives. Beyond his own, that is, for instance during the Vietnam War as an outfielder Washington Dodger.

I'll tell you what Dubya : not only American lives are not saved, America's soul his being repeatedly tortured and raped by your abject Administration.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't know if I should visit the US again. I love the country but I don't feel secure under a fascist regime where anyone can be abducted anytime anywhere, deprived from any justice, tortured, and even supersized (in Amerika, even Guantanamo residents are overfed with junk food).

* see Icasualties.org.
** see IraqBodyCount.net. President Bush declared The Lancet "not credible" when it announced over 650,000 Iraqi deaths, but The Lancet already was "not credible" for supporting science over creationism, intelligent design and other revisionist theories.

White blogule to Roh Moo-hyun - protecting Korea from the US

The Bush Administration has been working on a violent collapse of Kim Jong-il's regime for years. Bush even refused proposals by Pyongyang dovishest hawks to make peace and step by step becoming a strategic ally in the region. Former Ambassador Christopher R. Hill hasn't stopped putting oil on fire since North Korea's first nuclear test. For the White House, any diversion could help before November 7 mid-term elections.

So Roh Moo-hyun decided to protect the peninsula from this bilateral dead-end and announced the subject a purely intra-korean matter right before Condi Rice's visit in Seoul, without warning his closest advisors - especially those working on the Secretary of State's agenda.

Roh politely removes the US, Japan, Russia and China from the landscape, but also the UN, even if all voted resolutions will carefully be respected. Korean medias criticize the way secretary general elect Ban Ki-moon is cast away by his own Government the very week of his election at the head of the United Nations Organization, but this could prove to be a very smart way of helping Ban prove his independence from his country.

In the short term, I cannot see what can prevent NK from setting another nuclear test. In the medium term, Kim's regime will not survive. In a not so far future, Korea will face yet another nuclear neighbor : remilitarized Japan.

Right now, South should meet with North with the blessing of Beijing. For the time being, the 6-party talks should at least officially shrink to a 2-party-plus talks. Just to remind what's at stake if Korea as a whole collapses.


White blogule to you - 100,000th visitor

My humble personal portal recently registered its 100,000th visitor and 153rd country of origin of visitors (Uzbekistan).

Among the URLs of origin (NB: addendum - for complete updates, see Citizen Came) :

- They are paranoid : US Department of Defense, US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of State, US Centcom, Project and Contracting Office for Iraq, UK Ministry Of Defence, The RAND Corporation, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NED), and many US military bases in the US, in Europe, Iraq, Asia...

- They have energy to share : Agip SpA (ITA), Air Liquide SA (FRA), APC Power Conversion SAS (FRA), Aral AG (DEU), Electrosvy AZ Volgograd (ROS), BP Plc (UK), Centrica Plc (UK), Comite Interministeriel aux Crises Nucleaires et Radiologiques (FRA), Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (FRA), Deutsche BP AG (DEU), US Defense Energy Support Center (USA, VA), Devon Energy Corp (USA, OK), EDF (FRA), EIFER - European Institute For Energy Research (DEU), Electrabel (BEL), ENI (ITA), FMC Technologies Inc (USA, TX), Gruyere Energie SA (CH), Hocol SA (COL), Hydro Quebec (CAN), Institut Français du Petrole (FRA), Innogy Plc (UK), LukOil (ROS), LURE - Laboratoire de rayonnement synchrotron (FRA), Lyse Energy AS (NOR), MW Kellogg Limited (UK), National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (NED), Nigeria Lng Expansion Project (UK), Nigeria LNG Limited (NGA), Nuclear Energy Institute (USA, WA), RTE France (FRA), RWE (DEU), SAMIR - Societe Anonyme Marocaine de l'Industrie du Raffinage (MAR), Schlumberger (USA, NY), Shell (NED), Shell US (USA, TX), Suez (FRA), Synchrotron Soleil (FRA), Technip USA Corporation (USA, CA), TNK-BP (ROS), Total Fina Elf (FRA), Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc (USA, TX), Transocean Sedco Forex (UK), Tricat Group (USA, MD), Union Fenosa SA (ESP), Air Liquide America (USA, TX), United States Enrichment Corporation (USA, MD), Westar Energy (USA, KS), The Williams Company (USA, OK)...

- They observe : American Civil Liberties Union (USA, WA), Chr. Michelsen Institute (NOR), Commission Nationale des Comptes de Campagne et des Financements Politiques (FRA), Lowy Institute for International Policy (AUS), Observatoire Francais des Conjonctures Economiques - Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (FRA)...

- They govern : Prime Minister, Ministries of Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Finance, Education, Research, Culture... (FRA), Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (UAE), Autorites Federales de la Confederation Helvetique (CH), Bundesregierung (DEU), Ministries of Health and Finance (BRA), US Department of Defense, US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of State, US Department of Transportation, US Environment Protection Agency, US Senate, US House of Representatives, NASA... (USA), Etat du Grand Duche du Luxembourg (LUX), Government of Malaysia (MLY), South African Government (RSA), UK Government (UK), Ministerio de Defensa de Espana (ESP), Ministere des Finances et des Investissements Exterieurs (MAR), Ministere de l’Interieur (BEL), Ministerie van defensie (NED), Ministerul Economiei si Comertului (ROM), Ministry of Communications (KUW), Ministry Of Defense (UK), Ministry Of Education (TWN), Ministry Of Education (SIN), Ministere de la Sante et des Services Sociaux (CAN), Senado (CHL), Secretariat General des Armees (FRA), States of Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississipi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin... (USA), Armee de Terre (FRA), Ministerio da Saude (POR), Government of Brunei (BRU)...

- They're transnational : European Community (LUX), Union Europeenne (BEL), EUROCONTROL - European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (BEL), UNESCO (FRA), UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education (NED), INTAS (BEL), Institut d’Etudes de Securite de l’Union europeenne (FRA), NATO (BEL), The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NED), OECD (FRA), UNEP – United Nations Environment Program (KEN), UNEP – Energy Branch (FRA), UNMIK Kosova - United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (KOS), WHO (CH), The World Bank Group (USA, DC), The United Nations Volunteers (DEU), The United Nations Organization (USA, NY)...

- They research : CEMAGREF, CIRAD, CNET, CNRS Paris, CNRS Villejuif, France Telecom R&D, Geopsy / Sesarray Project, INRIA, INRS, INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille, IPSN - Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, IRC - Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse, IRCAM, ISIMA, LAAS - Laboratoire d'Automatique et d'Analyse des Systemes, LaBRI - Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique, LIFL - Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, LURE - Laboratoire de rayonnement synchrotron, Synchrotron Soleil, Thomson Multimedia R&D (FRA), ETRI - Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KIST - Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KISTI - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, KREOnet - Korea Research Environment Open NETwork (ROK), BIB3R R&D project - Berlin Beyond 3G Project, Deutsches Forschungsnetz eV, DFN-CERT, EIFER, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Integrierte Schaltungen, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, PEROSH - The Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health, ZUMA Mannheim - Zentrum fuer Umfragen, Methoden und Analysen (DEU), Bell Northern Research, IREQ (CAN), CERIST (ALG), CERN, IURST, SWITCH (CH), CIMAT (MEX), CNRST (MAR), DoCoMo Labs, Griffith Laboratories, ITW Technology Center, Laboratory for Nuclear Science at MIT, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, MIT, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Philips Laboratories, SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation, Sharp Labs (USA), Mimos Berhad (MLY), NIKHEF - National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics, Philips Research, TNO - Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijkin (NED), NTA (NOR), Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (OST), GARR Consortium, Telecom Italia Lab (ITA), Internet Research Institute, JAMSTEC - Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, NITE - National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (JAP), GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Limited (UK), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (IRE), IBMC - Insituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular, IRICUP - (POR), III - Institute for Information Industry, NHRI - National Health Research Institutes (TWN)

- They report from France : AFP, Bayard Presse, Canal Plus, Editions Philippe Amaury SA, Editions Atlas, Editis, L’Est Républicain, Eurosport, France 2, France Citevision, France Televisions, Groupe Contact, Groupe Express Expansion, Groupe Les Echos, Groupe Tests, Hachette Livre, Hachette Filipacchi Presse, Mediamétrie, Milan Presse, Le Monde, Pearson Education France, Prisma Presse, Le Progrès, La Provence, Radio Campus, Radio France, Le Republicain Lorrain, La République du Centre, RTL France, Societe du Journal de l’Union, Sports Media et Stratégie, TF1, TPS, TV Rennes, La Voix du Lyon ...

- They report from the US : American Media Inc (FL), CBS Broadcasting (NY), CMP Media (TX), Deseret News (UT), Discovery (MD), Disney (CA), Elsevier Science Inc (NY), Educational and Professional Publishing Group of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc (IA), Forum Communications Company (ND), Fox Inc (NY), Fox Sports Interactive Media Inc (NE), MediaNews Group (CO), MSNtv (WA), The New York Times (NY), Nauticom Sports Network (PA), New Press Gazette Corp (MO), Perseus Books LLC (CO), The Providence Journal (RI), Sony Pictures Entertainment (CA), Time Inc (NY), Tower Productions Inc (IL), Turner Broadcasting System (GA), Viacom (NY), Warner Brothers Entertainment (CA), The Washington Times Corp (DC), WDAY TV (ND)...

- They report from South Africa (South African Broadcasting Corporation...), Germany (RTL Plus Deutschland Fernsehen, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln...), Bangladesh (Prothom Alo...), Brunei (Radio Television Brunei...), South Korea (Chosun Ilbo, dong A , Hanvit Broadcasting, SBS, Sudokwon Ilbo…), Canada (The Columbian...), Denmark (Aktieselskabet Dagbladet Politiken, Danmarks Radio...), Spain (Retevision...), Finland (Helsinki Television Oy…), Hungary (Sanoma Budapest Publishing Ltd...), Italy (Infostrada Sports, RAI...), Japan (Asahi Shimbun, Nippon Television Network Company, Sankei Shimbun...), Lithuania (UAB Balticum TV...), Malta (Medialink Communications…), Norway (Bohusläningens AB, Shibsted...), The Netherlands (Prosper Business Media BV, Security Press BV...), The United Kingdom (BBC, Discovery Europe, Elsevier Science Ltd, The PA Group, Independent News Media UK, LexisNexis, Pearson Plc, The Unique Broadcasting Company...), Russia (Channel One Russia…), Switzerland (Edipresse, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Television Suisse Romande...), Ukraine (Express Radio Network...)
- ...


Red blogule to Kim Jong-il and to the six party talks

Unsurprisingly, North Korea proceeded to its first nuclear trial. An underground fart worth 4.2 on Richter's scale. Just loud enough for people around to get the message without the poisonous stench. In the dead middle of key commitee meetings in China, right during Abe's first visit to South Korea, and a few days after the quasi-confirmation of Ban Ki-moon as the UN's next secretary-general.

Kim Jong-il is guilty. For maintaining his country in terror, absolute denial of liberty and basic human rights, for imposing starvation, torture, deportations and other sweets to a people brought back to the Middle Age under the rule of a totalitarian sect. For having no other goal than preserving his own liberty, whatever the consequences.

South Korea is guilty. For avoiding the touchy "human rights" topic in order not to hurt the feelings of its neighbor. For balking in front of a reunification that would cost thousands of times more than Germany's from an humanitarian as well as an economical, social and political point of view.

Russia is guilty. For exporting the Stalinian model in its most perverse version. For nurturing a monster in the middle of a region under American influence.

China is guilty. For not seizing the opportunity of Russia's collapse in order to cool Kim's regime down when it was the weakest. For strenghtening militarism instead of encouraging reforms. And of course for wanting a Korean reunification INSIDE China.

Japan is guilty. For doing everything in order to delay a reunification that would cast it away from the center of the New Far East. For sabotaging each and every progress in the six-party talks as efficiently as its American friends.

USA are guilty. For letting their hawkiest wings crush any opportunity or opening, for wanting the messiest degradation of the situation, for purposedly strenghtening Kim's regime in its most diabolical sides. For refusing bilateral talks and becoming the most negative player in these 6 party talks, even before Kim himself. For knowingly provoquing the nuclear crisis and eventually collecting a much awaited diversion right before the November 2006 elections : "hey lads, see what kind of mess we prevented by removing Saddam from power ? see what happens when you let the UN or the IAEA take care of the WMD proliferation control ?"

The UN is guilty indeed. For relying on the goodwill of the United States of America, China and Russia for any decision going beyond the purchase of staples for the 8th floor.

Let's hope last night's trials will lead to a positive opening. Just like India and Pakistan did before declaring PAT instead of CHESSMATE.


Red blogule to 45 mn of war-hole fame - hopping without hope

If you want a good thrill you can either pay Richard Branson about $200,000 for a 5 mn wild ride in space or have the US Government pay you a $???M 45 mn trip to Iraq.

So Condolezza Rice enjoyed her 45 minutes of war-hole fame. The time to kiss Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad on a deserted Baghdad airport, expose a cute armored plate not much bigger than a Madeleine K. Albright pin, and be shot a couple of times. By embedded photographers and cameramen.

All smiles.

Like Kim Jong-il waving at an absent audience in a prefab North Korean program.
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