Coronation 23 - A long awaited ending more than a new beginning

Hard to find highlights in Charles III's anticlimatic coronation. That brief moment of complicity around Camilla's curtsy, maybe, or the realization that William's kiss was genuine, or that refreshing, final smile on the balcony, reminiscent of Barack Omaba's as he left the stage with Michelle at the end of his acceptance speech. Otherwise, I had the constant feeling that the new old King wanted to be somewhere else - anywhere else, as far away as possible of these ridiculous items people kept wanting him to touch or carry with his oily sausage fingers. A long awaited ending more than a new beginning.

'From here, Charles III will go downhill. Geared up for ski.' (20230506 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1654807976375635971)

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