J Street - at last

With the benediction (!) of their Christian-and-Muslim-fundamentalist counterparts, warmonging hardliners managed to kill Rabin and redirect Israel towards the path of theocracy.

But being "pro Israel and pro peace" is becoming politically correct again. Even in the US, where the AIPAC is no longer the only lobby defending the interests of Israel.

Actually, AIPAC is acting against the interests of Israel and only defending the interests of hardliners. AIPAC is part of the mob deliberately fueling anger against Israel across the Muslim world and beyond : they paradoxically need to spread antisemitism everywhere, just because it helps their beloved dieharders to keep alive.

These guys have definitely been ruling the show for too long, and caused too much damage (even if the worst may still be to come - see "
Iran : who wants war and why" - 20070925).

This world does need diversity, especially as radical theories and overheated fake debates are overwhelming the media. No, this ain't no clash of civilizations. No, fundamentalists have no right to act as if they had already destroyed democracy. And yes, the public needs to know that Israel is no more a monolith than Iran, France or the US, that peace will happen in spite of what they're told.

But now there is hope for the vast majority of the moderates (Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheists, whatevers...) : a new a lobbying and advocacy organization really working for the good of Israel and its neighbors, and in favor of sounder international policies from the US of A.

I sincerely hope J Street are as good as they pretend to be, that they will be heard, and that they will reach out for their Muslim and Christian counterparts, taking part in the much awaited war of independence against fundamentalism (see "Universal Declaration of Independence From Fundamentalism" - 20070809).

J Street members are likely to receive quite a few blows from the AIPAC, but I hope they can take it. Make that double for Robert Malley, also an advisor to Obama (and thus familiar with hope, yesyoucanness, and undergoing nasty attacks from people supposed to defend the same values).


You too, take the time to read from J Street :

"Support a new vision for American policy in the Middle East

For too long, uncompromising right-wing leaders have imposed their narrow definition of what it means to be "pro-Israel" on American policy, undermining long-term Israeli and American security interests while squashing real debate about America's foreign policy in the Middle East. It is high time that mainstream Americans fought back.

Fight back today with J Street, a new pro-peace, pro-Israel political movement dedicated to a new direction for American foreign policy in the Middle East:

Together, we will fight for the best interests of Americans, Israelis, and all residents of the Middle East by forcefully advocating for a truly pro-Israel policy. We will make our case both on Capitol Hill and in the media by seeking (1) a real American commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and (2) an American policy towards the Middle East based on working with allies and resolving conflicts through diplomacy.

Sign up today:


Jeremy, Carinne, Joel, and Isaac
The J Street Team

P.S. If you're on Facebook, join our Facebook group here:
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14133986845 "


Billarsea outroving Karl Rove : the "Bradley effect" story

How to optimize Hillary's under 2 digit victory in PA ? Her staff spinned already well known demographics into the "Bradley effect" story and voilà, here you have Barack Obama, who rallied within a few weeks from a 20 point deficit in that State, presented as a perennial loser.

Come on.

The Billarsea (that's Billary + Chelsea, who's harrassing superdelegates until 3AM and beyond) machine is fighting the wrong war, destroying everything on the way to Clinton's nomination. I knew Hillary would either lose ugly or win uglier but this is getting nastier by the day.


Pope Music

Benedict XVI paid a visit to George W. Bush who greeted this fellow fundamentalist like the most important statesman on Earth... which he happens to be from their theocratic point of views.

Benedict XVI denounced paedophilia, nazism, and attacks against human rights (whose universality relies on - guess what ? - "natural law" and a divine origin). He even dared say religion shouldn't be part of any government... which would indeed appear pointless in his World where government is part of religion, and where no law is above God's law.

After six days of lamentation and contrition the show is over. From John Paul II's rock star attitude towards Benedict XVI's self lapidation, nothing changes.

Certainly not those other elderlies rolling stones in front of Scorsese's camera, and selling sympathy for the Devil to the masses.


McCain - Rice 2008

John McCain picked the one size fits all answer to Obama - Clinton : she is black and female, she enjoys youth and experience, she was in favor of the war in Iraq and fought against Rumsfeld...

So instead of 42's wife, we could have a Veep who happened to call 43 her "husband".

Too good to be true ?

Can somebody who trusts George W. Bush and whom George W. Bush trusts be one heartbeat away from the top job ? Her "Transformational Diplomacy" sounds great but includes such stances as "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" or "punish France, ignore Germany, and forgive Russia".

This ticket is a pure marketing gimmick. Dems definitely should end their internal battles as soon as possible, and I keep checking every day the 2008 Democratic Convention Watch website : 25 superdelegates today, down from the upper 30s during the Wright controversy - go 'bama go (that's for Obama, not Condi's native state).

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