Red blogules to veto abuses

NON it is, then. At least, not the vicious knuckleball kind of nay : a straight to strikezone fastball backing a solid .700 batting average for a nice 55 to 45 lead.Yet, France lost for walking first. Not to first base but outta the ballpark : Europe may not be lost but the country's out
of the game for the World Series and the UN reshuffle. This misuse of the veto right at the EU level brings the spotlight on the mid-XXth-century-but-so-XIXth-century heritage of the French veto right at the UNO. Can the country which tore apart the European constitution written by one of his own citizens decently play any role in the building of the new UN ?

This time, and even without his Troyan horse Bolton on board, President Bush won't have much to fear from the Gallic diplomacy.


Red blogule to the flushed Quran scandal

Tough times for journalists : you need bullet proof evidences and witnesses to publish anything in BC04 Amerika or else... you're to commit seppuku publicly, explain you told lies*, that you never meant to criticize Uncle Joe... er... Uncle Sam. Dubya's mob is as efficient as Stalin's : they can forge any untruth they want (hey, that got'em reelected) but if you can't have your own sources confirm their off the record leaks (which could get them fired) you're a bold liar. So you become the one responsible for fueling hatred within the Muslim world, you're the one carrying the scapegoat nickname (Rathergate) while the Karl Rove squad of forgers walks away, you're the one shooting a sick remake of sex, lies and videotapes in Abu Ghraib, you're the one bringing shame on Guantanamo, that pleasant resort for tourists from the Middle East...
I suppose the Quran was truly desacrated in Guantanamo but I can't prove it. But I know for sure America has been desacrated by its own rulers : Bush flushed the US Constitution down the toilet of History.

* Newsweek's mea culpa : "On Monday afternoon, May 16, Whitaker issued the following statement: Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Qur'an abuse at Guantanamo Bay."


Red blogule to Junichiro Koizumi - Wake up Japan !

Strange way of apologizing : just a few days after restoring a public holiday as Showa Day, a controversial homage to war-time emperor Hirohito and when asked by a parlementary committee IF he would get back to the Yasukuni shrine after all the turmoil it caused across Asia, Japan's Prime Minister answered he would decide on time WHEN his next visit is appropriate...
Strange how Showa sounds like Shoah... as if revisionist Japan wanted to destroy the memory of that tragedy too...
Strange how this man plays a dangerous game at the international level as well as at home : Japan Inc could get tired of his boldness (Sony and Co surely were instrumental in the said parlementary committee).
Once again : no way Japan should be allowed a permanent seat at the UN.


Red blogule to the "oil for fools" program

- "Am I my brother's keeper ?"
Jeb should answer "sorry Georgie but I'm affraid you ain't. Bush '08 relies on the Architect's craft again. Say... what have you done for America ?"
Terror is on the rise (and the next generation gets all the motivation it needs from Uncle Sam), WMDs are blooming in North Korea and still nowhere to be found in Iraq, and George II is almost rejoicing to the perspective of using anti-nuclear devices against his fellow tyrant Kim Jong-Il. Besides, lies and torture have been institutionalized by Amerika and the "age of diplomacy" is about destroying the international bodies the Bush Administration snubbed during the first mandate (in order to get rid of these embarrassing bodies, Bolton is supposed to act as a UN-bomber and Wolfie to take the money and run). The Axis of Evil got stronger, the Axis of Weasels exhibited courage and King Dubya is still leading the Axis of Liars, a lame duck asking for a few lame bucks...
Yet, Neocondi still has a crush on "my husband", and her disdainous snarl keeps resembling that of Lobby Dick by the day.
Barf bag anyone ?
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