White blogule to The Economist - Big bother is waiting for you

I fully agree with the last words of The Economist's article on France's strategy against Islamists : "Mr de Villepin's approach will be studied with interest - even, perhaps, in America" (December 18th 2004). "Big Dominique"'s rival, Nicolas Sarkozy, may well already receive some support from the US in his own "fight against Islamists"... as well as in his other fight for France's presidency in 2007.
Mr Sarkozy published his very controversial book (calling for a change in the French law which could mean the end of the separation of religion and the State) just a few days before the American elections. This could be interpreted as a signal to the Bush Administration which welcomed him as a friendly statesman a few monthes earlier. If I were an American Christian fundamentalist or a Saudi Muslim fundamentalist, I guess I wouldn't hesitate when it comes to picking a successor to Jacques Chirac. Stephane MOT

Red blogule to Ken Mehlman - Smartasseries

The guy will take the helm of the RNC and is the helluvan organization man. Too damn efficient. And unlike Rove you can't help but like this overconfident tornado of a "turn-outer". Each time he appeared on the TV during the elections you would wonder how the Dems kept sending McAuliffe to the front.
Now the Reps can start the 2008 campaign and increase their lead. Whoever the opponent, he/she might have an impossible gap to fill. And every day the situation's getting worse : the Red Army is already targeting the few counties left, not even seeing any ass to kick.


Democracy : the usual fee plus expenses

I find rather cynical the arithmetics of liberation according to the Bush Administration. Since they know they cannot guarantee secure elections on time in Iraq, they've decided to multiply the number of sites where they are to take place. Insurgents and terrorists threatened to kill the people who vote or organize the vote ? They don't care : even if 1,000 sites are destroyed, they can say "over 85% of the time, everything went fine - democracy is on its way". Stephane MOT

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E-nuf is E-nuf. Shoulda done it two years ago. Back then, I hesitated starting my blog directly in the industrial RSS / XML feed format and launched my "blogules" ye olde way, building my page with pre-Blogtenberg tools (straight on PageBuilder). The output ? More delays between the production, edition and publishing phases.

So on december the 22nd, 2004, almost two years after their launch, "blogules" switched to the easy-feed mode - Merry XMLas !

2004, Year of the Monkeys (how the **** could we let Chavez and Bush get reelected ?), isn't over yet but the BLOGULES are now full speed blogs.

Stephane MOT
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