Help me help you help me help us all

I need to go back to my most personal work but I can't.

Nothing to do with writer's block : I've been writing all day for months, thank you.

No. I'll take that last one back. Damn you.

Damn you, American citizens, for being on the verge of electing a couple of "Mavericks" who pledged allegiance to the enemies of democracy.

Damn you, American citizens, for being on the verge of preventing this world from being led by the best man at the best place at the best moment.

Damn you, American citizens, for voting for the worst person at the worst place at the worst moment four years ago.

Damn you, American citizens, for once more sucking all my energy as I try to wake you up on time, while I should be writing my meaningless book.

One month to go today.

One month untill the end this nightmare of mine. 

Or the beginning of this nightmare of ours.

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