White blogule to the Cardinal of Uqbar - Habemus Papam !

Habemus papam ! Don't look for white smoke yet (the vote didn't even start) but here's the scoop : the cardinals will elect the Cardinal of Uqbar as the next Pope.
Besides speaking perfect Italian, Latin, Tlön, German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic, this erudite man is a brilliant tennis player, go master and poker champion. He was made cardinal long before John Paul II took over by George Louis I and is expected to rule as George Louis II.
George Louis II is already working on Vatican III - The war of the domes (a sequel to Vatican II and a prequel to Vatican IV, the Rise of the Elderlies) and will give next week the first benediction Urbi, Orbi et Orbis Tertius.

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