It's all about character

If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are equally disliked for their characters, it seems that more and more Americans are starting to feel less and less comfortable with the latter blend.

And right now, if America were to chose an untruthworthy, badass POTUS, she would prefer a devil she knows. Many paleocons prefer someone on the hawkish, SIG-friendly side of the Democrats to a suicidal, narcissist Nero burning bridges for breakfast.

When he should be courting independents, The Donald keeps alienating Muslims, Vets, parents, Ryans, McCains, you-name-its, keeps being offensive to defend his sacrosanct brand. Yes, he's already survived bad weeks during this campaign, but this one digs way deeper under his disguise.

And at long last, GOP figures are making themselves heard. To win, Republicans must defeat the YUGE bad apples within their own ranks (see "GOP Implosion (continued)"). A few electoral defeats are better than the defeat of democracy itself.

Donald Trump's babygate reminds me of Stephen King's The Dead Zone, the moment when Greg Stillson loses the election (20160803 -twitter.com/stephanemot/status/760661014371119105)

RNC in CLE or RNC 2016 in Nuremberg? Making Amerika Great Again (20160721 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/756105675902586880)

Close encounters of the third kind (Reich?). Donald Trump at RNC2016 (20160719 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/755235038988423168)

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