Can America really afford a Republican Second Dip ?

Reunited they stand : Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rocked a 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear' on the National Mall.

America can afford some sanity indeed these days, as the country is about to put back into power a party whose main objective for the next two years is officially to prevent a reelection of Barack Obama. Of course, to achieve such a goal, they need America to fail miserably and embrace a big fat second dip.

Republicans proved they were quite good at that : after all, Obama is essentially being blamed for taking too much time to clean their own mess (great depressions, environmental catastrophes, political divides...).

But the President's biggest mistake seems to have bet on US voters' intelligence : he sacrificed his popularity by passing courageous health and financial reforms, long term gains bound to be destroyed by a Red majority.

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