Some light at the end of the barrel?

Will this time be different, or will Parkland just be one more line in the endless list of mass shootings silenced by Amerika's almighty gun lobby?

What's most different so far, beyond the powerful voices of Millenials (from The Gunshine State*, of all places!) is the fact that heavyweight household names Delta Airlines and American Airlines stopped their NRA group travel discounts. We've entered #metoo-like, it-s-gonna-hurt-my-bottomline territory, and there's a momentum to sustain early enough before the mid-term elections to prevent the usual cover ups.

The NRA's role is not to defend Americans, but to sell more guns. And all their 'solutions' reach the same goal. If even trained cops cowers away from school shootings, tell me what would arming teachers with weapons achieve, beyond securing new streams of revenues for them, and funded by taxpayers?

History will look back at lawmakers who today broadcast NRA's corrupt narratives the way people look today at those who defended Big Tobacco and helped them cause hundreds of thousands of deaths that should have been prevented.

Change must also come within the NRA, which evolved into a dangerous caricature of itself, like Billy Graham's movement under his son's helm (now a fundamentalist program fueling hatred against other religions). That's possible because there will be more money to make in the pedagogy around guns than in their sales.

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* a.k.a. Florida, see "Red blogule to the Gunshine State - shootfirstlaw.org Hammered down by the NRA"

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