To all Anders Behring Breivik wannabes

If Anders Behring Breivik is your hero, I've got some news for you :

- Anders Behring Breivik is not insane, granted - even if his lawyer is unsurprisingly walking that perennial defense line. But Anders Behring Breivik is a dangerous psychopath, and he must face justice.

- I've met you before. Of course, not likely face to face (who knows ?), but one of your likes, on some internet forum. You've been promoting the same kind of hate speeches : Islam is at war with Western Civilization, we must eradicate it from Europe, take the arms, clean the place... the usual clash of civilization imposture.

- Anders Behring Breivik is not a hero, but a loser who cornered himself in that deadend for fear of facing his own identity crisis, a fool feeding on hate diatribes cooked by the same kind of impostors who turn weak minds into terrorists in the Muslim world. You think people like Geert Wilders defend the Western World against the Muslim World but you don't realize that YOU are his real target, not the Muslims. How can you trust a man who doesn't even trust the color of his own hair ?

- Just ask yourself why you admire Breivik, and you'll probably find the same anger, despair, unsureness inside yourself. You're bragging about being a 'pure blood', but are you that comfortable with your own identity ?

- By the way : did you know that your parents were Africans ? Yes, we humans come all from Africa. Even I, a blondish, blue-eyed Caucasian, Western European to the nth generation, am a proud African. And did you know that civilizations bloomed first in the Middle East, that big chunks of the antique European heritage were saved by Muslim scientists ?

- Make no mistake : Islam is not the menace, but another victim of fundamentalism, the mother of all impostures*. Remember : the main enemy always come from within. So don't get fooled by XXIst century crusaders. Don't be your own worst enemy.

blogules 2011 (also in French : "Message personnel aux fans d'Anders Behring Breivik")

* see also "
Universal Declaration of Independence from Fundamentalism"

UPDATE 201108 : "Andreas" actual ID recovered, link to the French version


  1. If I may add some constructive criticism (i'm sure you will read this even if the comment is not approved)

    "Andreas Behring Breivik is a dangerous psychopath, and he must face justice." no way, really?

    "impostors who turn weak minds into terrorists in the Muslim world." A lot of terrorists aren't 'weak minds', but rather intelligent, educated, well-organised, well-disciplined, wealthy individuals (see Osama Bin Laden, those behind the London bombings, or the 9/11 hijackers). And the guys funding them (rich saudis, for example) are certainly not 'weak minds'.

    "you don't realize that YOU are his real target" I'm pretty sure muslims are his target.

    "How can you trust a man who doesn't even trust the color of his own hair ?" Yes, never trust a person who has dyed their hair!

    "You're bragging about being a 'pure blood'" Lumping all Brievik supports into the nazi category, I see. I don't think Brievik ever mentioned 'pure blood'; in fact he said he was anti-nazi and anti-racist. He sure seemed to have a thing for jews.

    "Make no mistake : Islam is not the menace, but another victim of fundamentalism, the mother of all impostures." Yes... it isn't religion that is the problem; it's people who read their holy book which claims to be the literal word of god, and then actually decide to take some of it literally, god forbid!

    "Remember : the main enemy always come from within" meaningless statement

  2. Thanks for the constructive yet anonymous criticism.

    - 'psychopath' : I simply made the difference between 'psychopath' and 'insane'. Breivik's lawyer cannot plead insanity there.
    - 'weak minds' : I simply drew the line between impostors and their victims. Because most suicide bombers are victims of manipulators who deliberately fool them, and know exactly what they're doing. Al Zawahiri's agenda is purely political. Breivik was twisted enough to manipulate himself.
    - 'real target' : that's precisely the imposture of fundamentalism.
    - 'pure blood' : I often faced this kind of arguments on fora, and the 'African origin' answer always cooled these guys down
    - 'meaningless statement' is my middle name, granted. Another echo to the fundamentalist imposture : the main enemies and victims of Ben Laden and co. are moderate Muslims, and the sick ping pong game between radicals from all sides is their most efficient way of sidelining moderates everywhere.


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