"Mommy, am I a...?"

"Mommy, am I a...?" is a simple but useful lesson for young kids, as well as for parents and educators.

Anila Ali, a friend, wrote this book for her daughter with Karen Gottlieb (co-author), and Marian Seiders (illustrations). All three taught in a Californian middle school : Anila, a Muslim, was born in Pakistan ; Karen is a Brooklyn Jew ; and Marian happens to be Christian.

The story of Aisha is about intolerance, stupid words and cliches that hurt. Hopefully, here, the usual mechanism is quickly defused because adults act responsibly. Unfortunately, in real life and in this post-9/11 world of ours, kids are not only often left to their own devices, but sometimes encouraged to cause more damage by irresponsible adults or worse, hatemongers who thrive on wounds that never heal. Even small misunderstandings and unfairnesses hurt, so let's spot their signs as early as possible.

If poor education can be a time bomb, sound education is one of the most precious gifts a kid can receive.

And this 23-page book is a very nice gift.

"Mommy, am I a ....?"
Avid Readers Publishing Group
Anila Ali (Author), Karen Gottlieb (Author), Marian Seiders (Illustrator)

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