So help me Rick Warren

The key question is not "Does it matter that Rick Warren will give the inaugural invocation ?"1 but "Does it matter that a supposedly model democracy performs inaugurations with invocations, swearings on the Bible, and the final words 'so help me God' ?"

I don't consider myself an atheist and I understand the value of traditions, but these symbols are a clear statement against the separation of church and state at the most critical moment : when the power is handed to the very person who will defend the U.S. Constitution.

I know I'm repeating myself ("Universal Declaration of Independence From Fundamentalism"), but even religious Spain understood that this century and moreover this post-9/11 World demanded clear messages from democracies. Zapatero swore with his right hand on the Spanish Constitution.

Barack Obama can't afford this now, and his poor choice of Rick Warren proves to those who doubted that he won't ignite any divisive war during his mandate.

But I have this dream : President Obama casually swearing on the U.S. Constitution for his second term.

In doing so, Barack Hussein Obama will also defuse many mines for successors who are bound to break, sooner or later, that other glass ceiling.

1 - see today's
Politico Arena.


  1. Actually Rick Warren is a rarity. He's a man who actually follows the dictates of God. Unlike most "conservatives" Rick doesn't take out the part of the bible that says "When i was hungry, you fed me. When I was naked, you clothed me. When i was in prison you visited me. When i was sick, you comforted me." He practices the bible plain and simple. He is a man who gives away 90% of his earnings, still lives in the same house though he's sold 40 million copies of The Purpose Driven Life, and still drives the same car.

    He's a man i greatly admire in an age when pastors preach prosperity and they are the ones who prosper.

    When they preach against abortion, but then don't stand for helping the poor as the bible calls for us to do.

    Rick is the real deal. I find comfort in Obama's choice of Rick Warren. There are very few men i would say are the genuine deal. Rick Warren is one.

    Obama's choice tells me he will be a man of principle, and that he is about inclusion.

    The irony in this is that Rick Warren is taken heat from conservatives for doing this while Obama is taking heat from liberals.

  2. Barack is a man of challenges. He's not a debater (in spite of his spectacular improvements since the Primaris) but he loves to confront ideas.

    And he has a sound approach to religion. A little bit conservative, but very open minded.

    And respectful. I think respect is the key word for him, beyond hope.


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