Obama's Veep - and the loser is...

Barack Obama eventually decided to pick Clinton.

His co-runner addressed the Convention in a splendid blue dress, calling for all US women to cast their ballot for the winning ticket.

Bill then called his wife, who joined him on stage in a dark suit under a balloon deluge.

- "My husband was the obvious choice for Barack", declared the NY Senator. "He was the brain damaged mastermind of my campaign, alienating the black vote and giving the nod to the nefarious 3 A.M. ad*. With him on board, even if Bill skips his breakfast at the Golden Arches, Obama is bound to sink, paving the way for my election in 4 years or Chelsea's in 12".

Michelle Obama wrapped it up best off the mike : "there was no way out... any Veep would have hurt Barack anyway : my man is too consistent and wholesome. So we decided to go for a white haired guy people on the street would recognize. A poll led on a selection of dumb blond celebs did the trick : the other option was not available."

* see "
3:10 to Yuma... and New York" (20080301)

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