Florida recount redux

After playing a populist tune for weeks, Hillary is focusing on the nasty side of party politics, pulling all the DNC strings she can. And the Clinton camp is putting all its weight in the May 31 meeting where the destiny of Michigan and Florida delegates will be sealed.

Actually, since she cannot change the maths, HRC's only way of winning now is to change the rules and thus to focus on those who make the rules.

The Senator of NY is rumored to hold a majority in the committee. Her Supreme Court may not produce such a fair and sound outcome.

Not a big change for Florida : the Sunshine State still remembers the Y2K bug with a nasty backstage rally courtesy the Bush friends and family.

PS : Hillary wants every FL and MI voter to count and I agree. But how about the voters who decided not to vote because they were told their vote wouldn't count, and / or because their favorite was not even on the ballot ? The figures of voters in FL and MI are impressive because those states are well populated, but compared to other primaries the proportional turnout was dramatically weak.

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