White blogule to USA 2016

(answer to the question "Where do you see the United States in the year 2016 ?")

The USA remain a key player but other entities have about the same political and economical power. Furthermore, the national political landscape has deeply changed, and like in Israel, there are now at least three major forces :

- one is conservative and nationalist / mainland (dubbed "Amerikan SUV" / American SUrge and Victory),

- another one more liberal and international ("R&D" / Reps & Dems), and

- yet another one clearly religious (the "POGO" / Party Of God Omniscient).

But many politicians don't feel like belonging to a specific party ; rather to several spheres depending on the issues... not to mention ethnies. The key question nowadays is shall we keep the system of primaries and indirect presidential elections ?

For November, the polls give a clear edge to George Bush III (that's Prescott, son of Jeb), supported by SUV and POGO. Clinton is out of the race (R&D preferred O'Bama to Chelsea).

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