Red blogule to AdSense, no sensibility

This site hosts a few ads as a part of its grand borghesian design. The aim of the game is not to raise funds (the few cents harvested will certainly not make for the time I spend / you waste on it), but to study how beings, things, places and times can get both freed and stuck in the net, the coopetition between reality and fiction, not to mention the interactions of my troubled mind and its environment (to which you now belong since you're reading these silly lines).
Anyway. Here is Google, grand provider of free traps, proposing its AdSense advertising programs and Google Coop Custom Search Engines. After resisting the urge, I decided to give both of them a try.
The custom search engine happens to be, as the name suggests, an engine that searches and can be customized. This one is supposed to browse my site but when I type "bush", a word that occurs about 3,850,926,712 times in it*, Google tells me sorry, there is no such expression to be found in this place. On the other hand, "Dubya" brings 6 pages of results, without even including the pages omitted. What when Google says "custom", do they mean "intimate" ?

AdSense is supposed to provide ads related to the content. I can specify where French is spoken and where English is broken, but it doesn't deter these kings of marketing from splashing banners in German for people visiting from Korea.
Worse : when AdSense decides to become accurate, it grows dangerous ! The other day, the Restored Church Of God was selling its crazy fundamentalist prophecies on the very pages where I was denouncing them ! I could stop the flow by adding their website to the list of advertisers banned on my site but I'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night.
Some day, when I type "bush" on my custom search engine, I will be proposed Dubya's autobiotheography.

* a little bit less according to Blogger's integrated search engine (Blogger being both the platform used by this excuse for a blog and a Google outfit !) : see "bush". By the way : still waiting for the new and improved version with tags.

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