Red blogule to Taco Bell Jingle Bell Shingles All The Way

The first and last time I tried Taco Bell was about 20 years ago near Frisco.
That was enough to understand where the brand got its Latino twist from... that junk food was pure turista in a wrap : two secs to wolf it down, three days to recover. At least I didn't get E. Coli.
This joint should close for good, not for a few days. And the Golden Arches as well, for good measure.
Praise Big Apple for banning trans fat ! Nothing personal, Boy Georges. I just don't want to die of secondhand smoke from overburnt burgers each time I pass by a 24/7 deli.

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  1. Recipe for National Disaster?
    ”We have a nation consisting of a growing number of single individual households – working adults with little time or inclination to cook at home. Additionally more and more overworked Moms and Dads are opting to give their children fast food meals at least once a day. Many of our 20-40 something folks are into healthy living which often includes a preference for eating loads of dark leafy veggies and salads at the local salad bar. How many meals do you eat out daily? Can you afford to trust your very life to just any restaurant? Should you risk eating the fresh produce you purchase at the grocery store? . . .”

    To read the rest of the article go to “Taco Bell, Biodefense, and Illegal Immigration: You Connect the Dots”


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