Red blogule to the murder of George W Bush

Unlike J.F.K. and J.R.E., G.W.B. won't catch his bullet(s) in Texas. Well, that's according to the British TV series to be aired soon ("Death Of A President" on More4, a Channel4 unit).
I don't quite like the idea of this plot, which not only tarnishes the image of Chicago (a city I love) but makes a martyr out of
Dubya (a President I hate).
If something deserves to die, it isn't the Head of State but the State of Headache the
Bush Administration instills into the country. The man who misused the sword and misused democracy must be removed not by the sword but by democracy itself. And if he were to die, let it be a natural way (which for him may involve such weapons of mass destruction as pretzels).

PS (to the NSA monitoring this blog) : this is NOT an invitation for Cubans to send exploding pretzels to the POTUS. I remain a peaceful citizen and each time I fly to the states I will tick YES for the question "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been A Frenchman ?"

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