Red blogule to the first amendment - Land of Opportunity for Nazis, Land of Plenty for fascism

Last January, I already blamed the First Amendment for allowing the American National Socialist Movement (a.k.a. America's Nazi Party) to exist an even become a sponsor for the Adopt-A-Highway program.
Now Toledo, OH allowed this mob to march proudly through the city, provoquing a riot and even a curfew. As a result, more publicity than these Nazis could ever dream of - not to mention my blogules.

When I said "let's face it, they're fascists" last year, I was just noticing the similarity between the Mussolini definition of fascism and the Bush Administration's (ab/mis/)use of power. I knew Dubya's reelection would free the darkest sides of Amerika but never did I expect America's Nazi Party to become that bold.
Just a few days ago, Bush would mention for the first time "fascist islamists / fascist islamism". He didn't invent the expression, which perfectly suits the worst part of radical islamists. But still it shocked me to hear Bush using this kind of vocabulary at this stage. Now I know it was a clear signal. We're raising the level of terror threat, but we're also raising the level of permissivity. You may not have the toughest fundamentalist nominated for the Supreme Court, but be sure the country is yours.

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