White blogule to Katrina and Cindy

Katrina succeded where Cindy failed : in shortening Dubya's holiday and exposing the scandalous sun tan of a man who rested 20% of his time the first five years of his reign. Since the man sleeps 10 hours a day, W's been active less than 40% of his mandate. Let's consider ourselves happy : what if he'd done 2,5 times as much damage !
A natural catastrophy is all it takes to make dictators look more human and popular - ask Fidel : talking for hours about the weather is far easier than delivering a few words about failing policies - not to mention the most stupid war of our time. Today, Our Dear Compassionate Leader won't need Hurricane Jeb on his side : he will shine on his own, walk on the water like his favorite philosopher, try to surf on the 27 feet wave that devastated the cherished South of this New England brat pretending to be a Texas hunk.

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