Red blogule to Paul Wolfowitz

The US are withdrawing from all international bodies but the ones they initiated, especially when they can help putting some of the Iraqi mess away from the national flags (casualties, deficits, counter-propaganda). But the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz for the head of the World Bank sounds like the ultimate insult to the international community.
The man is anything but "a compassionate and decent man", as a master in both compassion and decency, George Walker Bush, dared dub him. How could an expert in dissimulation promote transparency ? How can this man handle the World Bank's priorities ? I just pick 3 out of the 6 "hot topics" mentioned on the World Bank's website : "Chad-Cameroon pipeline", "extractive industries transparency initiative" and "Iraq"... Come on !!! The World Bank is about reducing poverty ? It sure will if you consider Halliburton a poor entity. Look at the chest Wolfie will be able to pump from :
  • IBRD : The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development , $11bn in 2004
  • IDA : The International Development Association, $9bn in 2004
  • IFC : The International Finance Corporation, $4.8bn in 2004
  • MIGA : The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, $1.1bn in 2004
  • ICSID : The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (that definitely settles it, doesn't it ?)

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