Red blogule to Uncle Sam's cabin - A day in the life of US led democracy in Iraq :

. 28 prisoners (including foreign fighters) managed to escape during a transfer from Abu Ghraib (guards to busy torturing car thieves ?)
. US soldier found guilty of killing a teenager (did that one steal some candies ?)
. The Patriotic Front of Iraqi Tribes (275 candidates) calls for a boycott of the elections - 3 M people may follow
Baghdad election center director gets killed
Allawi admits the turnout may not be successful in some "pockets" across the country (this great democrat seems to care more for the pockets of the people he bribes)
Prayers will be performed at Bush's inauguration - a judge made sure a lawsuit launched to prevent this violation of the constitution failed. Dubya's spin doctors will especially pray for a good cover up of the massive protests around the event, just like 4 years ago.

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