Red blogule to 2008 - Losers Inc

This uneasy smile, this greasy voice... I can't stand it anymore. I must confess I hate the guy even beyond what he represents now. I've had an overdose of Bush-watching lately and my hears and eyes hurt each time he's on air. Look at him parading on a Penn avenue liberated from all insurgents (ethic cleansing for beginners), delivering a speech more loaded with references to "tyranny" and "liberty" than a 1950s soviet propaganda leaflet.
And now this. Bypassed Bubba licking Dubya's a-s to get in Kofi's shoes (how disgusting anatomy lessons can possibly get ?), Joe Biden casting his ballot in favor of unrepentant Condi (now THAT was a "wonderful opportunity"), John F. Kerry redeeming a couple of gazillion miles earned at home last year for a Middle-East tour for what ? some lobbying to draft 40,000 more soldiers... Gimme a break ! Or rather, gimme a F, gimme a.... Stephane MOT

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