Sign O' The New York Times

The NYT picked John McCain and Hillary Clinton as Primary Choices.

There should no contest for McCain, who stood against Bush, against torture, for democracy. And yes, Mitt Romney keeps compromizing on any issue in order to get one more vote (he even joined the crew of "Roe vs Wade" killers). No one know what that guy would do.

But John McCain sold his soul to the Discovery Institute and stood in favor of teaching Intelligent Design theories in school. And that's a rather scary perspective.

Unless someone comes out of the blue (Bloom ?), the only way out for the US is to elect a Democrat for the top job.

Both Clinton and Obama would do fine, but the NYT decided to put a conservative bet on Hillary. A little bit too early in the race. Truly, a big favor at the tipping point of the campaign...

NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller can trust Hillary's judgement : not only did he support the war in Iraq but he preferred Paul Wolfowitz to Colin Powell.

By the way : Wolfie is back to the White House.

Is Keller also betting on a war with Iran ?

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