White blogule to the NBA Hall Of Shame - from indictment to impeachment

As soon as I mentioned ethic cleansing within the GOP, Tom DeLay joined the NBA Hall Of Shame (Nasty Bush Administration) : his fingerprints being all over corruption scenes (in favor of the then Governor Dubya), no new cast should be needed for his indiction into the Crawford based HOS.
All members of the President's closest circles enjoy a criminal record now : in an unprecedented series of controversies, they all had to testify before a commission - and for the weaker links, to quit. All smoking guns point to a man who owes his pristine criminal record to his Daddy. But 41 cannot erase anything anymore and at one moment 43bis* will have to pay. The sooner the better.

*For those who missed the news : Bush Jr hijacked Al Gore's presidency and crashed the country against his own two wins towers. Amerika's leaders are corrupt, America is financially, socially and morally bankrupt.

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