Make ISIS Great Again

It just took a few days for Trump's decision to deliver the expected goods.

His controversial withdrawal of US troops from North East Syria, and his shameless betrayal of the Kurd allies that helped reconquer ISIS territory gave a greenlight to Turkey's attack, which already led to the escape of hundreds of ISIS fighters, and the probable surrender of Kurds to Assad.

Why would the POTUS play against all US interests, revive ISIS, and grant such humungous gifts to Assad, Iran, or Putin?

Why would he tear down Open Skies in the same breath?

Why now? Why at the very moment impeachment inquiry gained momentum, and the Ukraine scandal threatened The Donald's hold on power and foreign affairs?

His maker Putin simply understood he had to get his puppet rush while he still could call the shots.

And Donald obliged by doing exactly what Vladimir wanted.

'Make ISIS Great Again'.

blogul 2019

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