Mr Putin, tear down that kompromat

The Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki more than confirmed what we suspected (see 'Donald Trump meets his maker, off the record'): this POTUS is totally in the Kremlin's pocket.

Here's our exclusive transcript of their secret talks, and the reason why DJT wanted to keep it off the record:

- Donald Trump: 'Mr Putin, tear down that kompromat'

- Vladimir Putin: 'and lose my most valuable asset? No way'


Now I'd love to learn what kind of kompromat Vlad holds on Rand Paul, another populist who just came out of the closet (I mean as a closet Russia supporter) with a trip to Moscow perfectly timed to blur Helsinki's awful optics. 

And speaking of people acting guilty, Bob Mueller probably wouldn't waste time investigating the highly suspicious Devin Nunes.

Anyway, it seems already too late to save the Midterm Elections. Putin keeps undermining moderates and pushing radicals on both sides of the aisle, and I'm pretty sure he's already responsible for the outcome of key recent local ballots...

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