2013 blogules

Below, a list of blogules spilled over the year 2013.
NB : for the comprehensive lists of blogules (2003 - to date), go to the bottom of this post or to the blogules transfusion center.

2013 Second Half:

. "Happy New Year 2015"
. "I met KIM Jong-un - and lived to tell the tale"
. "Trading cards, then and now"
. "An interview in and about Seoul"
. "The Rising Sun Flag Brought Shame Upon Japan - Ban It"
. "Booz Allen is watching you. Saving Private Snowden or Saving Public Manning? (Outsourcing intel in Patriot Act times - When Big Data meets Small Government)"
. "The main threat against Japan? Its own leader"
. "The Sand Curtain, Two Years Later (or is it 20?)"

2013 First Half:

. "Moving pictures"
. "Dear Japan, Say No To Fascism" . "Iron Lady (Ashes To Ashes, Rust To Rust), Meet Hugo Chavez"
. "Invasion of Iraq: The Bush Legacy in 3 Impostures"
. "Still The Worst President Ever"
. "HGTP (Hypergraphia Transfer Protocol) Turns 10: 03/03/03 - 13/03/03" . "Smile, you're on Candid Democracy"
. "Won by cheating, lied to America and the World"

Previous seasons: 

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