Parler vous Trump? Can you spell chaos?

If you are appalled by Facebook and Twitter, wait until you try Parler. Scratch that - don't ever set virtual foot on that abject platform. Take that from someone who did.

Founded by John Matze two years ago, Parler is trying to do to social networks what Breitbart News did to news four years ago: steal an election by keeping a big chunk of the electorate in an uncensored disinformation bubble, feeding them with the wildest conspiracy theories, and the most nauseating racist, antisemitic, islamophobic, bigot etc rants. John Matze himself may not be as 'good' an evil as Steve Bannon, but DJT can still count on Stephen Miller and friends.

No censorship, more characters, Trump's most despicable supporters can be more transparent about what they stand for (here a post composed 100% with hashtags - of course red, not blue on this platform -, by an outspoken white supremacist supporter of Trump)

The success of Black Lives Matter made it more difficult for big platforms to let hatemongers and disinformation trolls and bots post whatever they fancied. So when Twitter started to show some teeth against them, Parler step up its program. In parallel to Trump's attacks on Twitter, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and all asked their followers to join them on Parler.

As Twitter reached even more directly around Trump and his closest circles (e.g. Don Trump Jr), Parler launched its first newsletter, a week ago. I'll just write down the title of each one of them issued since, so you can get the obvious picture:
  • July 23: 'Yet another reason to #Twexit'
  • July 24: 'Poll: keep kids in school!
  • July 25: 'Chinese military researcher arrested in San Francisco'
  • July 27: 'Twitter is a national security threat'
  • July 28: 'Twitter deletes more Trump tweets'
  • July 29: 'Twitter security issues date back years'
Of course, there are hearings these days, and all 4 GAFA leaders were grilled yesterday (by Democrats for their monopolistic behaviors, by Republicans for their political biases). But we know how Facebook made Brexit, Trump and co possible, we know how Vladimir Putin and now Xi Jinping undermine democracies worldwide by using SNS weaknesses, fueling radical candidates and agendas on the left as well as on the right (yes, Bernie and AOC got their boost from Moscow as well). The alpha et the omega, the fa and the antifa*.

If Newt Gingrich made incivility mainstream in politics, and if Rupert Murdoch made lies mainstream in the media, we've reached the point when even Fox News is not biased enough for Trump. To keep the cult alive, he needs pure propaganda tools, like the Sinclair Broadcast Group or Parler. Like in all cults, members are brainwashed, and taught to mistrust institutions, non believers, and serious media. A scarily big part of Trump voters live in a parallel universe where Trump is the best president ever, where the coronavirus is a hoax created by Democrats, but hydroxychloroquine works perfectly againt it, where Jews conspire against humanity, where confederate leaders are patriotic American heroes, where minorities want to take power from white hands by force.

As the election nears, this cult has the potential to become violent. If the scandalous use of illegal federal force in Portland seems disproportionate to most observers, it's perfectly staged to feed the QAnon conspiration theories, to fuel White Supremacist and Boogaloo movements, and potentially to ignite an actual civil war**, should voter suppression and disinformation campaign fail to help Trump and his enablers steal another election.

The Donald fulfilling his Nero destiny***...

'Putin and Trump trolls trying to Breitbart-ize Parler. They managed to maintain DJT's base in an alternate 'reality' for news, they want to do it for social networks as well on time for 2020 elections. Donald fears truth. Just Vote Trump Out' (20200627 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1276781705840345089)

'Just tried Parler. A dystopian kingdom of Trump trolls. Of course no Joe Biden account, only pro-DJT parodies.' (20200703 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1278706837362077699)

'Crazy how, on Parler, many Trump trolls combine hashtags that both denounce and praise Trump (latter overwhelming former). They use their early domination of Parler platform to drown all opposition, prevent its emergence. I've seen that propaganda tactic on fora in the past' (20200705 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279611150900932608)

'The very next day Twitter bans QAnon, pro-Trump conspiracy theory hub Parler issues first newsletter pitched 'Yet another reason to #Twexit'. Now Facebook must kick QAnon out. But Zuckerberg won't. China and Russia need 4 more years of Donald Trump' (20200724 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1286442961308225537)

'Trump and GOP friends now pushing their disinformation platform Parler to get their base off Twitter, and maintain them in their propaganda bubble until 2020 elections. Recent Parler newsletters: 'Twitter is a national security threat', 'Twitter deletes more Trump tweets'...' (20200730 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1288572883686453248)

'Parler became a key vehicle for keeping followers of the Trump cult in the dark. And for launching last throes, doomsday initiatives. More David Koresh than Jim Jones? (20200730 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1288632511396851712)

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* don't get me wrong: I'm talking about antifa's most extreme fringes - of course if you're anti-antifa you're pro-fa and thus fascist.
** the ultimate clash of civilization, with a call for arms against minorities, fueled by Jean Raspail's abject 'The Camp of the Saints', a novel praised by Amerika's most racist hate groups.
*** see also on French blogules "Une Dead Zone autour de la DMZ ?"


Kanye West: a fake #BlackLivesMatter candidate to rescue a real White Supremacist

On July 4th, Kanye West declared his candidacy for President. On the same day Donald Trump delivered a divisive speech defending the Confederate heritage.

The strategy is obvious: without waiting for Putin to spin a third candidate for the November elections (now his only path to victory, combined with voter suppression), DJT launches his friend Kanye as the ultimate Uncle Tom.

In other words, Joe Biden will be sandwiched between a fake #BlackLivesMatter candidate and a true White Supremacist candidate.

I need a barf bag.



. "Very smart: with #Kanye West, #Trump doesn't just split the #Biden vote: he triggers a divisive war within #African American voters. Don't get fooled: voting @kanyewest is voting #Donal dTrump." (2:37 PM · Jul 5, 2020)
. "The Donald-Kanye Sandwich: 82M followers for #Trump, 29.4M for #Kanye West, only 6.5M for #Joe Biden. #VoteKanyeMeansVoteTrump #KanyeRunsForTrump" (2:40 PM · Jul 5, 2020, twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279651420677914624)
. "... Not counting #Elon Musk (36.6M followers and like #Trump & #Kanye West, a few billions to spare - #Kim  Kardashian just reached her first bn)" (11:00 AM · Jul 6, 2020 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279958385513791488)
. "Pretty sure #Kanye West will pick a left-leaning, #Putin-friendly, white female running mate. #Tulsi Gabbard a bit too obvious. Any other guess?" (2:54 PM · Jul 5, 2020 - twitter.com/stephanemot/status/1279654824938627073)

blogules 2020
Since 2003, nonsensical posts about noncritical issues in nonenglish (get your blogules transfusion in French)
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