EXCLUSIVE: Donald's live tweets during the first debate

ICYMI, Donald Trump's Twitter timeline during his first 'Presidential' Debate with Hillary Clinton:
  • I'm GOOD. This audience is AWESOME, Lester Holt is a peach - love this mike.
  • Look at Crooked Hillary - dressed in red to court GOP voters... NOT NICE, MISS PIGGY
  • Memo to myself: gotta remember that Crooked is not her first name.  
  • Damnit. Hillary's handshake is tough. And her hands are BIGGER than mine. YUGE!!!
  • I don't care. I'm the Babe Ruth of debaters. 16 strike outs in a row, remember?
  • Boy. She's got a fastball. And knuckleballs too. 
  • Correct that: she's got balls, period. 
  • Scratch that: she's got her period, period. She's got blood coming out of her whatever.
  • Please Vlad, can you hack into Hillary's brain? Put another virus there?
  • BTW, while you're at it, gimme a Kleenex, my nose's running like my ex wives.
  • I want to talk about Bill SO BAD. Believe me, right now I'm controlling myself.
  • They switched the mikes. This one has PNEUMONIA, I can sniff it!
  • Call my gastroenterologist, my nose is infected!!!
  • THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! Why did you have to mention my dad's 14 million kickstart?
  • THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!! How come your dad was a true entrepreneur and a good boss, unlike me?
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • No, that's not true. I only tweeted it five times
  • YES, THAT'S TRUE AND THAT MAKES ME SMART, HA!!! And all of you suckers!!!
  • This debate is RIGGED. Who agreed on 90 minutes? Where's the prompter?
  • I NEED A KLEENEX. Or another line of coke. 
  • I want to say something NASTY, but that wouldn't be PRESIDENTIAL. 
  • This debate is RIGGED. I should be THE ONLY ONE on stage.
  • Hillary is NOT QUALIFIED. Lester is NOT QUALIFIED. This mike is NOT QUALIFIED
  • I need to punch someone. Where is Rand Paul when you need him?
  • I need to punch something. Where's that red button when you need it?
  • I've got the most WINNING TEMPERAMENT! It wins each time I try to tame it!

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